Former soldier lay dead for months

Date published: 10 July 2014

A FORMER soldier who fought alcoholism and post-traumatic stress may have been lying dead on his bedroom floor for more than three months before he was found.

The body of Christopher Sheargold (49) was found in a decomposed state at his Bamford Street flat in Royton on February 6 but police said unopened mail in the property dated back to November 13, 2013. An inquest at Heywood Coroner’s Court heard yesterday how neighbour Norman Cadman saw Mr Sheargold’s body when walking by his window.

Mr Cadman said he had not seen him for weeks before making the discovery and said before that he would rarely see him but assumed he was an alcoholic because when he did see him he was carrying alcohol back to the flat.

Coroner Elaine Maloney concluded that Mr Sheargold’s death was caused by alcoholic liver disease.

Mrs Maloney said: “He did have significant difficulties after the Army and it is possible that is how we end up here today.

“He was dealing with it on his own and sadly the alcohol had a fatal affect on him.

“He was clearly a very much-loved family member.”
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