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3.2m revamp for Royton estate

Date published: 10 July 2014

A MAJOR refurbishment programme in Royton will bring about the transformation of 218 homes.

What started as the installation of new windows and bathrooms in 161 flats at Royton Hall Park estate last November, has now been expanded into a £3.2 million, five-year project which will include new heating systems, new staircases and work on external pathways, gardens and drainage systems.

This year the current electric storage heaters will be replaced with new slimline energy-efficient heaters that give the customers more control over their heating and energy bills.

Sean Barnett, area maintenance manager for Guinness Northern Counties, said: “While the small-scale investment so far has helped sustain the scheme, the long-term viability of the scheme could be in jeopardy without a comprehensive plan of future investment.

“We are delighted to be able to commit to a five-year investment plan of environmental and capital-replacement work required to improve the estate and we hope as well as helping to improve the overall aesthetics of the estate that it will also help to create a sustainable environment where people choose to live and stay.

Further improvements planned for the next three years include work to the car park and footpaths, the design of new garden areas, external painting and new drainage, including improvement works to the 57 houses on the estate.
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Just wait until all the Shaw whingers read about this.

When something gets done in Shaw we might just stop Winging.

Metrolink stop with free park and ride, giving better connections to the whole of the conurbation + modern retail outlet + safer road junction + park improvements + borough-wide investments for all of Oldham. You do know that you are allowed to venture out of Shaw.

How can spending 3.2 million help people to save money ? 218 homes will Never waste 3.2million ££s. Ever. The spend outweighs the problem ! Our Goverment want to spend Billions on useless projects ? If the same Goverment gave every person in this country 1 million £s then everyone one would spend that cash on making improvements themselves, and it wouldn't run into Billions.

I Will Not Lower Myself.


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