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Council staff down tools for more pay

Date published: 10 July 2014

THOUSANDS of Oldham’s public-sector workers today staged their biggest strike in years over salary freezes and low pay.

Some council services — such as libraries and bin collections — were suspended for the day and others were affected by the walk-out.

Schools across the borough were shut, forcing parents to find alternative childcare arrangements. They included Newman College, Failsworth School, North Chadderton School, Saddleworth School, Radclyffe School and Oasis Academy Oldham.

Striking unions were Unison, GMB, Unite, NUT, the Fire Brigade Union and the Public and Commercial Services Union, and workers gathered with banners at a picket line at the Civic Centre.

Rallies were held in Manchester, Liverpool, Preston and Chester. Around 38,000 civil servants across the region took part in the strike contributing to around 1.5 million nationally.


Good luck to everyone of them its about time someone stood up to this joke of a government I hope they get what they want.

Can somebody tell us who we send the bill to cover childcare or lost pay for taking the day off to look after children? If schools can fine us for taking our children out in school time then we should be able to charge them for any cost that we incur when our children should be in school and teachers are not.

Others who work in the public and private sector have had their pay frozen and have to work more years before being able to retire.
It's not an ideal situation so we will have to grin and bear it until things get better

Phats, send the bill to the Government. If it wasn't being so unfairly intransigent there wouldn't be a strike.

BILL FOR CHILD CARE ......oh come on these people complaining about a strike this week will be asking to take their kids out of school next week to go on holiday " because its the only time they can go " sorry but this strike seems to have been well planned being in the last 2 weeks of term time after all exams have finished .

JMTS.well if councils stop spending council tax monies for pet projects,like £5.7 million to Oldham Athletic for a new stand might be a start.
and what austerity have the cllrs experienced?

JMTS forgets that his government also cut pensions and froze wages,and privatised parts of the Civil service I know I lived through it

Well ecco fatto I bet Oldham Athletic would be jumping for joy if they had received £5.7 million from the Council to build the new stand. Where did you dream this figure up from, not from the directors of OAFC I am sure.

@eccofatto - all councillors took a 10% reduction in allowances and deleted several other allowances such as free refreshments etc. If you deleted all 60 councillors you would save less than £1m. A silly notion suggesting they are not included in this process to save money


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