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Leo leads out Latics

Date published: 11 July 2014

FOOTBALL fanatic Leo Stott just could not stop beaming last night as he led his beloved Latics out on to the pitch for their first pre-season friendly.

The two-year-old was diagnosed with cerebral palsy a year ago and he needs a frame to walk. But the plucky toddler never lets his condition get him down and his smile stretched from ear to ear as he took to the pitch at Tameside Stadium as Latics took on Curzon Ashton.

After he had shaken hands with players from both teams, Leo watched the game from the dug-out where he got a cracking view of his team’s eight goals.

Leo’s family are trying to raise £45,000 for specialist surgery to loosen his muscles. Bucket collections were held with generous football fans contributing £900.


I hope he well and delighted people have helped out the family.

What a sad state of affairs when a youngster has to live with & endure this condition cannot get NHS treatment, when the NHS is happy to pay for Cosmetic Surgery which is often more a case of personal unhappiness with oneself, or gastric band surgery for people who may eat themselves silly without any thought of the damage they're causing.

Would be a wonderful gesture if someone from Oldham & wealthy enough to make a suitable donation for this to be put right for Leo & his family - Just giving?

If he was a benefits tourist he would have been operated on already and got a huge wedge of compo for the delay .Its time we as a nation put our kids before foreigners who abuse our generosity . Where do I send a donation to ?

This little boy's family has to raise money to get him treated.

Yet according to a recent EU Report the NHS spent £1.5 billion/year treating unemployed migrants. Another UK Government report estimated that health tourism costs £2 billion/year.
That's £3.5 billion/year of OUR money on treating people that haven't contributed to our society.

LibLabCon politicians need to be reminded that we pay for a National Health Service an International Health Service.


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