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Oldham races ahead on SATs

Date published: 11 July 2014

OLDHAM’S youngsters are racing ahead of the national average for English and maths as they celebrate record-breaking SATs results.

The proportion of the borough’s 11-year-olds achieving the national standard expected in reading, writing and mathematics — known as Level 4 — by the time they finish primary school time is now 79.9 per cent.

This is up from 77 per cent last year — and means Oldham is pulling further ahead of the national average of 75 per cent.

Schools are expected to ensure 60 per cent of pupils achieve Level 4 or above in reading, writing, and maths.

Level 4 indicates that they can spell properly, start to use grammatically complex sentences and employ joined-up handwriting in English. In maths they are able to multiply and divide whole numbers by 10 or 100 and use simple fractions and percentages.

The results will now be examined in closer detail by the new Oldham Education and Skills Commission.

The initiative, chaired by former Education Secretary Estelle Morris, was launched last week and aims to help raise local standards and aspirations so that every child can achieve their full potential.

Councillor Amanda Chadderton, cabinet member for education and safeguarding, said: “Oldham has more than doubled the lead it had on the national average last year in SATs results, so this is really encouraging news.

“It’s absolutely vital that children leaving primary school are well placed to achieve success at secondary school.

“While SATs results are just one part of that complex picture, this is clearly good evidence of progress and I would like to congratulate youngsters, staff and parents for the parts they’ve all played in this success.”
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And yet last week we were told Oldham had the worst schools in Greater Manchester ....

Congratulations to all hardworking heads


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