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Roof raiders prey on church

Date published: 11 July 2014

A FURIOUS councillor has branded callous raiders who stole lead from an historic church roof as “scumbags”.

The theft, the fifth in as many years, has caused problems with rain damaging the organ and soaking pew cushions at St Thomas the Apostle, Leesfield.

The organ was due to accompany a special service hosted by the Bishop of Manchester on Sunday.

In a bitter attack on the thieves who stole portions of lead from the church’s valley gutters, Councillor Val Sedgwick said angrily: “They have absolutely no respect for the church, its congregation or its place in the community.

“Our congregation is devastated by the damage. Goodness knows what the final bill for replacing the lead and the repairs to the organ will cost.”

The councillor, who is chair of the Saddleworth and Lees District Partnership, has been a member of the St Thomas congregation for 35 years.

“The problem is we don’t know exactly when the theft took place because of the recent dry spell,” she explained.

“But whoever stole the lead should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

“We are all really upset and if the thieves are caught they should be made to pay the full cost of the damage they have caused.

“It’s a despicable act. They are absolute scumbags.”
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Not much surprises me anymore.

maybe some sensor lights round the perimeter or intruder alarm for daytime, just a suggestion. In this day and age we must protect our property no matter how big or small. Hope the police catch them but chances are they wont.

What an unlucky Church, first the ex-vicar . . .

There are many alternatives to lead available,lead is instant cash for thieves. No lead no reason for thieves to steal it.

Use the alternatives, you can also get special dye which turns the thieves skin blue

Lets hope the thieves get lead poisoning ( preferably of the Colt 45 variety ).

some great advice coming through, I hope it helps Roy put an end to this continuing saga.


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