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Shop faces demolition after another crash

Date published: 14 July 2014

A SHAW shop is to be torn down after a car ploughed through the front of it in the early hours of Saturday morning — the second time it has been hit in a year.

Police were called to the off-licence in Rochdale Road at the junction with Fraser Street and Chamber Road after a black Honda Civic hit it at around midnight.

The building has been rendered dangerously unstable after the collision in which it is reported the driver of the Civic had attempted to overtake another vehicle, clipped it, and driven straight into the shop.

The car was towed away and the driver was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving. Nobody was injured during the incident.

A building inspector was called in to asses the damage and deemed it unsafe. Work is now under way to demolish the premises.

Residents vented their frustration with the junction after this incident became the latest to hit the off-licence.

Sam Hindle said: “If the shop is being demolished and any more accidents happen there, then it’s going be the houses that cars crash into.

“It’s not very safe and something really needs to be done at this horrible little junction.”

Simon Kershaw said: “I feel gutted for the shop owners. Looking at it the driver must have lost control. It’s a good job nobody was around or we could have had fatalities as well.”

On July 19 last year, a Ford Fiesta drove through the front of the shop after it collided with a Skoda Fabia.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Crompton Dave Murphy said: “It’s very sad for the owners as it only happened again about a year ago.”

“With work ongoing to upgrade the crossing in Milnrow Road, we are hoping that it will alter the driving habits of people using the surrounding roads to stop this kind of thing from happening.”


Crash barriers seem to be answer at this black-spot. Speed restrictions do not seem to have worked.

Sorry but how will altering a junction a mile down the road change habits of people driving on surrounding roads? While we all more than agree the Milnrow Road crossing has needed to be upgraded this junction too is a black spot and prescriptive measures need to be taken ie mini round about/increased signage, maybe the top end of Fraser Street being changed to one way so it becomes a t-junction? while this happened late at night even during the day its horrendous.

It's looks like 'Shaw' has become a Blackspot ! People stay away, let the gawby's sort their roads out !

Wow.......liberal democrat councillor Dave Murphy - how to lose credibility in one sentence. Upgrade work on the milnrow crossing ( nowhere near this incident) will hopefully change driving habits on surrounding roads.. Are you real? Are you serious? Vote Dave Murphy, Vote Dave for prime minister. Vote Dave, he talks sense, vote Dave and we can all live in a safer place, ha ha, unbelievable!

This crossroad junction should have Traffic light, with right turning interval arrows, and perhaps some speed reducing measures, to keep traffic speeds to 30 mile per hour, the speed limit for the road concerned.

Please no more mini-roundabouts. I would welcome a speed camera at this location though!

Wow indeed! I can't for the life of me see where the logic is in Dave Murphy's thinking.
@bluefor30years, I'm not aware that there have been any fatalities at this junction so there's no chance of any improvements. At least two people will have to lose their lives before anything is done.


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