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Biker killed in crash

Date published: 14 July 2014

A MOTOR-CYCLIST has died after a crash in Oldham last night.

The incident happened at around 7pm at the junction of Shaw Road and Huddersfield Road.

The motor-cyclist, believed to be aged 40, was involved in an accident with a Fiat 500 car.

He was taken to hospital with serious injuries but died later the same day.

Huddersfield Road was closed at its junction with Lees Road and Cross Street for several hours.

Sgt Kevin Woodward, of the police Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said: “This man has sadly lost his life and we are investigating the full circumstances of the collision.

“We have already spoken to a number of witnesses but would ask if anyone else saw the collision or either vehicle in the moments beforehand that they call us.”

Anyone who witnessed the accident should call the unit on 0161-856 4741.


This junction is a nightmare , and has been poorly thought out.
There are no filter lights for traffic turning right from cross street on to Huddersfield road or for traffic turning right from shaw road on to bottom o moor . Quite frankly it's an accident waiting to happen . Well done Oldha council !

Not to mention the NUMEROUS idiots, young and old, who do an 'illegal' U-turn here, usually to go back up to the Tesco service station. WHY are there NEVER any plods watching & waiting to pounce at these blackspots? There were DOZENS there yesterday! Condolences to the biker's family, whoever was at fault! ... A Fellow Biker.

i have to agree with mad4it it isn't the best of layouts there are no guide lines within the junction so it's a creep and peep approach unless you are the white van man..needs sorting

there is no restriction on performing a U turn back up Huddersfield Road towards Tesco, it is a perfectly legal manoeuvre

There is certainly a filter light for traffic turning right from Shaw Road to Bottom O' Th'Moor but MAD4IT is correct in saying that there is no filter light for traffic turning right into Huddersfield Road from Cross Street. When making that right turn, the driver's view of vehicles coming straight through or turning left from Shaw Road is obscured by vehicles waiting to turn right towards Mumps. I've seen many a near miss at that junction, I hate it.

Well said Dominic. You are allowed to make a U turn at that junction. This is just a sad and unfortunate accident.


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