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Date online: 14 July 2014

A LONG-SERVING hospital fund-raiser is delighted after being given the all clear from cancer and experiencing first-hand the care his charity work helped pay for.

Derrick Fancy (80) was diagnosed with Myeloma, also known as bone marrow cancer, in August, last year, and has undergone many procedures at various hospitals in Greater Manchester, including the Royal Oldham.

The diagnosis came as a shock to Derrick, a former baker, after he dedicated his retirement time to fund-raising for the Dr Joe Jaffe Hospital Support Charity, which raises money for various hospitals, including ones Derrick visited during his treatment.

However Derrick, who lives with his wife Brenda in High Crompton, has just been given the all clear and is well on his way to recovery. The great-grandfather said: “I really am so lucky because of the family I have and the treatment I’ve received.

“Everybody at the NHS who has looked after me so well. I really cannot fault them.

“Hospitals sometimes don’t get the praise they deserve but I would really like to thank the Royal Oldham and the other hospitals that I have visited for all they have done for me.

“After all my years fund-raising for hospitals, I’ve also seen first-hand the excellent treatment facilities on offer.”

Derrick added that he was very proud of his work raising money for the charity and is grateful he managed to meet so many different people over the course of his charity work.

Derrick was the guest of honour as the charity presented The Christie at Oldham with a cheque for £29,241 following their most recent appeal.


Well done Derrick, nice to see you looking well. Remember your bread and cakes on Rushcroft like it was yesterday! Dad used to love bringing the post to your shop - the smell was beautiful!


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