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Pupils build community spirit

Date published: 15 July 2014

PUPILS who have spent the last year thinking about others have gained national recognition.

Year 5 youngsters from Stoneleigh Academy are the first children in the country to earn the title of community builders — people who spread community spirit in their area.

They earned the accolade after organising a range of activities as part of the charity Forever Manchester’s Cool 2B Kind project.

The idea behind the scheme is to instil the ethos and attitude that it’s cool to be kind and help out in your community.

The team of nine pupils took part in a range of sessions with Forever Manchester to help them think about their community and what kind of people make it up.

They then organised three events at Grange residential home — arts and crafts, board games and decorating biscuits — as well as cooking lunch for fellow pupils at the primary school and holding a coffee morning.

Forever Manchester piloted the community builders idea, and it has now been taken up in other areas.

Year 5 teacher Naimh Fhelan said: “The pupils have had an amazing year. They have learnt so much and they are all really proud of themselves.

“It has made them see the importance of them being out there and part of their community.”


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