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More spaces on way for Shaw park & ride

Date published: 15 July 2014

COMMUTERS will soon have double the space to park & ride at Shaw and Crompton Metrolink stop.

The council and Transport for Greater Manchester have teamed up to secure a land deal to expand the Beal Lane site, which is currently home to 44 parking spaces.

Land at the former Talentum premises, Beal Works, which adjoins the Metrolink stop on land to the south of the existing parking area, will be used to double the capacity.

Last week the council also purchased another piece of adjacent vacant land at Greenfield Lane at auction.

Subject to a demolition notice, TfGM will seek to create extra free car parking for Metrolink users at the site.

The Shaw and Crompton stop opened in December, 2012, with southbound trams serving Oldham and on to East Didsbury via Market Street in Manchester.

Services were then extended northbound to Rochdale via Milnrow in February, 2013.

Earlier this year TfGM and the council identified the need to expand the park & ride capacity at Shaw and Crompton by 2016.

Council leader Jim McMahon said: “This is really good news for Shaw and Crompton — and users of the Metrolink line in general.

“TfGM’s data showed us that from around 8.30am each day the park & ride facility was pretty much full to capacity and many spaces were occupied by commuters who often don’t return until around teatime.

“We had to work co-operatively to find a solution to expand the site capacity and we’re delighted to have been able to achieve this so quickly.

“This, subject to final designs, should see the existing capacity doubled.

“We are keen to invest in the long-term viability of Shaw and this is part of that.”

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What hasn't been mentioned is the cruel way people have lost their long term jobs to obtain the car park space. The ex owners abandoned all the work force who where kicked out of their jobs with minimum redundancy. Some of the work force had been there over 34 years !

Come on you Shaw Whingers, let's hear it.

"Earlier this year TfGM and the council identified the need to expand the park & ride capacity at Shaw and Crompton by 2016."

How much did you spend to identify this need?

Why has it taken so long for you to realise that commuters use the car park all day and it gets full?

The car park was too small when we had the trains. Jim McMahon why are you making it sound like you're solving a new problem caused by Metrolink?

Shame about the jobs Jim, did you forget to mention that to the Chron?

There'll be even more spaces when the Baths are knocked down: I hope they retain the facade as a reminder of what Shaw once had .....

It was long ago noticed that more parking was needed for Shaw. Shows the success of the tram compared to the old railway. The Beal Works was advertised on the open market.

What about New Hey, there is nothing there? I know it is across the border but Derker has a massive car park and I would guess less than average car ownership.

Shawting, the car park was full when we had trains. this is not a new problem. When we had trains the OMBC/ GMPTE couldn't be bothered to do anything about it.

Now we have trams, they are doing something about it so they can spin things to make it sound like nobody used they trains and now people can suddenly commute to Manchester.

They say there are more trams which is true but I peak times there are less seat/hour from Shaw & Mumps with Metrolink, than there were with the train service.

The Beal Works was advertised on the open market, funny how GMPTE were in discussion with the owners well over a year ago, the previous owners sold the business and then sold the site leaving 8 staff with nothing but statutory redundancy, no goodbye, no thanks for the 34 years loyalty, nothing ! That's surely not how you bring business to Shaw is it JIM ???

JohnP - that isn't the fault of Oldham Council or TFGM, is it? That's a greedy and unscrupulous business owner. It's him you should be taking to ask.

Ex Rail Traveller - if you look back at TFGM committee papers over the last few years you will note that they were looking for potential sites whilst the tram line was under construction.

Well done you Whingers! I knew that you wouldn't let me down, nothing's ever enough or right. I've won my bet.

How about a tram stop at Wren's Nest?

Shawthing, you justify my point. For many year the car park was too small for train uses, but nothing was done by GMPTE, who sponsored the train service. They could only be bothered after they took away the trains to put trams in place.

Dave, its good to get more parking. It would be better if Jim was more honest about it. It not a new problems, its one we've had for decades, but the story has to be spun to justify Metrolink. Jim must think nobody commuted to Manchester before the trams.


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