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Allegations against head teacher ‘unfounded’

Date published: 16 July 2014

BULLYING allegations against a Greenacres head teacher are set to be dropped following an investigation.

Lynne Mullen, head at Greenacres Primary School, was suspended in April after complaints were received that teachers were being bullied by management.

Three members of staff lodged grievance complaints against Ms Mullen, who took over as head at the Dunkerley Street school in 2010.

Concerns were also raised about pupils’ attendance data and the administration of SATs tests involving last year’s (2012-13) Year 6 pupils.

But the Chronicle understands that an investigation undertaken by the council found no reason to uphold the allegations.

A month before her suspension, Ms Mullen took sick leave and the head teacher role was temporarily filled by Martine Buckley, executive head teacher of both Mather Street and Yew Tree primary schools.

When the investigation started, a member of staff who asked to remain anonymous said parents hadn’t been told of Ms Mullen’s suspension and accused the council of a cover-up.
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Is this another example of naming and shaming before being found guilty, now her name as a head teacher could be ruined.

Thank goodness for common sense. I know the school and the way the headteacher tackled some issues that existed is to be admired. How sad that those who objected to the headteacher's attempts to ensure the school represented its local community started the unfounded campaign. Thank goodness the local authority saw through it, and we can get the school the community deserves

So, a failing school is officially turned around (from 'failing' to 'good'), the failing staff decide they don't like it, they make unfounded accusations (Bullying? Really? Proof? SAT 'tampering'? Any proof? At all?) and then go off on the sick? Full pay? How much has this cost the school budget?

Thank you oldham chronicle for redressing the balance.

Miss Mullen's reputation speaks for itself. Most people know the difference she made at the school. Thank goodness the children benefitted as well.
Best results for years.

Her contribution to the community was mentioned in the OFSTED report.


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