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‘Pack of lies’ as trio jailed

Date published: 16 July 2014

A MUM who colluded with two men to tell “a pack of lies” about the death of her seven-week-old son has been jailed for 20 months.

Baby Tomas Gacek died from severe head injuries as medical experts concluded the most probable cause was non-accidental, Preston Crown Court heard.

The youngster was admitted to the Royal Oldham Hospital from his home on Hillside Avenue, Clarksfield, on the late evening of January 25 with multiple bruises all over his body, severe retinal bleeding in both eyes and was said to be pale, unresponsive and having a seizure. He was transferred to Manchester Children’s Hospital but was pronounced dead two days later.

Prosecutor Raymond Wigglesworth QC said a consultant paediatrician found the number of bruises — 25 different sites — on Tomas’s body were “suggestive of inflicted injuries and were not consistent with accidental injuries to a non-mobile baby.”

The post-mortem also showed that Tomas had four fractured ribs said to have been caused in the days before he suffered the fatal head injury.

The court heard that Tomas’s mother, Katarzyna Gacek, had been out shopping on January 25 when she returned at lunch to find a cut and bruising around her son’s lip.

She was told by live-in landlord Dawid Mokrzanowski that he had fallen asleep and that Tomas must have banged his mouth on the frame of his rocking cradle, the court was told.

Her boyfriend Darren Butterfield, of Ross Avenue, Chadderton, arrived at the house just after 2pm but the jury heard that the baby was not taken to hospital until after 11pm.

Gacek (24), fellow Polish national Mokrzanowski (26) and Butterfield (35) were cleared of causing or allowing the death of a child. Mokrzanowski was also cleared of manslaughter.

All three defendants initially told medics and police that Gacek was alone in the house all day and she accidentally tripped on the stairs, dropped her son and then fell on him.

Each later changed their accounts but the prosecutor in opening the case said the jury was entitled to ask whey they had told “a pack of lies”.

Mr Wigglesworth added: “Why did the three defendants agree to lie about what happened to Tomas? Was it because they feared social services coming in asking questions or was there some other motive for shielding the truth from the hospital staff and police?”

Gacek, Mokrzanowski and Butterfield were all jailed for 20 months after they were convicted of perverting the course of justice, said police.
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20 months for the death of a child. Ludicrous. As she now has no family and is not married then, surely, she can be deported at the end of her paltry sentence.

They were all jailed for 20 months for " perverting the course of justice"....but were given nothing for killing the baby......Utterly disgusting verdict!....the world's gone mad, it really has.

Going off what I've read here in the Chron, life in prison would be too good for them. I felt ill reading this story.

dreadful needs locking up for life.

Its hard to read this story. Knowing what happened to that baby is heart breaking.

But what is infuriating is the people who caused that baby boys death got 20 months. They must be thinking phew! The justice system in this country is a joke!

20 months for a baby's life absolute disgrace.

Baby Thomas must have shook and broken his ribs himself, clever little boy.
The justice system stinks!
God bless the little fellow.

Disgraceful drop a piece of paper or a fag in the town centre the full force if the law comes down on you the loss of a young life gets you out before Xmas total disgrace they will serve 5 months each at max included the time in custody be home soon that laws an ass

Why no joint enterprise in this case then they would have all been guilty og murder and justice would have been done

Going off another story in the Chronicle tonight it makes me wonder if some people think that a baby is a ticket to the system that can be thrown away at a later date--20 months sentence is a disgrace considering what the judge said in his summing up and what he actually did.

just to put this story straight...... these 3 people did not get a 20 month prison sentence for the death of a child,they were found guilty of 'perverting the course of justice'.
They were all cleared of all other charges!

Unbelievable there seems to be no justice in this world anymore, its gonna have a knock on effect if things like this continue to happen then i am afraid people will vent their own form of punishment which could lead to catastrophic consequences.

Quite right Stevie b. Joint enterprise why was this not done in this case? A life means nothing. I felt sick reading this. Rob letters from royal mail get 5 years. Really? Joke.

So they all lied and got away with it. 20momths they will be out in 10months hopefully they don't step foot in oldham again.

Errrrrrm, guys.....Genuinely I need help here.... I've read this piece 10 times, over and over. So, did this baby die and was found to have multiple injuries which are NOT from any accident whatsoever?AND the people charged etc lied, which surely means they've something to hide,AS OBVIOUS AS THEIR GUILT IS!Gotta be a page missing ere coz pervert conviction doesn't mek sense AT ALL.What the hell is going on please?seriously,please explain this??


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