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Police arrest 40 suspected paedophiles

Date published: 17 July 2014

MORE than 40 suspected paedophiles have been arrested across Greater Manchester as part of a six-month national operation targeting people accessing child abuse images online.

In total, 660 have been arrested nationally including doctors, teachers, scout leaders, care workers and former police officers.

Around 400 vulnerable children have been safeguarded as part of Operation Notorise, operated by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

Detective Superintendent Jon Chadwick said 10 children have been protected as a result of the operation and shows how seriously GMP take these offences.

He added: “This operation highlights the seriousness with which we take people viewing or downloading indecent images of children.

“This is not a victimless crime. People who download or possess these images are creating a market for child abusers to sell such grotesque images so anyone who views such images is propagating that abuse.”

Of those arrested nationally, 39 were registered sex offenders. A total of 833 buildings were searched and 9,172 digital devices seized.

Det Sup Chadwick added: “Offenders need to understand that the internet is not a safe or anonymous place for viewing indecent images.

“These offenders leave a digital footprint and we will use this to find these people.”


Makes me wonder why it is that Police figures the need to speak on matters when they have no knowledge at all !
I wouldn't expect a Police Superintendent to have in in depth knowledge of computing or the internet what I do expect is for them not to open their mouths on the record and make a fool of themselves.
Firstly these people haven't been using the internet, they've been using the undernet, where private networks can be established with file sharing and it's very difficult to trace,

Secondly suggesting that people leave a digital footprint is risible.
With the right info they could leave a digital 'fingerprint' leading back to Superintendent Chadwick if they wished.
Proxy servers in countries like Russia and Iran, are not seriously going to co-operate with UK Police and there the trail ends.
As has been shown, these people can be caught, but it's a much different operation than this Police officer has led readers to believe.

@Flake - I'm sure everyone will join me in thanking you for the technology lesson but you're missing the main point. The police have caught 40 paedophiles! That's all that matters. You do waste time focussing on the wrong things

What does it matter as long as they catch these people, he's a police office doing his best to explain it to the public who aren't really interested it the technology of it all, they are only bothered that these paedophiles have been caught, so stop being so pedantic about it all and give them the praise they deserve for the job they have done..


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