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Paedos snared in online sting

Date published: 18 July 2014

THREE dangerous online paedophiles have been brought to justice after being caught using teen chatrooms to prey on children by an Oldham man posing as a 12-year-old girl.

Lee Barton (47), of Chestnut Avenue, Doncaster, and Daniel Bates (36), of Harcourt Close, Warrington, were sentenced at Minshull Street Crown Court, Manchester, yesterday after admitting making sexual advances to who they thought was a 12-year-old girl online.

On the “Teen Chat” website, Barton, Bates and Philip James Moule (66), of Thorrington Cross, Basildon, Essex, all made obscene and disturbing sexual advances to who, in their mind, was a little girl. They were all in fact talking to trainee lawyer Steven Walker (26) and his girlfriend Samantha Roberts (20), from Shaw.

Samantha was repeatedly raped when she was 12 by Shakil Chowdhury, 36 at the time, who then invited his friends to do the same.

She was appalled at the six-year sentence her attacker was given and has since been campaigning for harsher sentences on such offenders. She has waived her automatic legal right to anonymity to help her cause.

The Oldham couple revisited Teen Chat — the site where Samantha first met her attacker — in April, 2013, to see what it was like now.

To their disgust they found it was riddled with opportunist adults preying on vulnerable teenagers and decided that action needed to be taken.

Steven said: “Myself and Sam decided to go on the website to see what it was like now and to see if there were predators on there. Our intention was not to catch anyone out or trap anyone, we were just observing and could not believe what we found.

“We posed as a 12-year-old girl on there and within 10 seconds there were over 40 adults trying to talk to us.

“We did not encourage any kind of indecent behaviour, we were very passive in the conversation and these people were asking sexual things and were being really inappropriate without us prompting them.”

Steven and Samantha have now launched a campaign to fight for tougher sentences for child-sex offenders, called “You Have Not Defeated Me”.

Visit www.youhavenotdefeated.me for more information.


Doubtless many will see this as particularly heroic thing to do. However, I'm sure there are rather more experienced officers of the law, professionals who are highly trained in this field and are better equipped to combat such crime on-line and not potentially placing others open to risk. I also thought it was a Lawyers job to assist in putting cases together on the severity and length of said punishments that is handed by courts and by not turning into self publicising on-line crime fighters

Interesting response.

There was no online crime fighting, we both did the most responsible thing which is to leave the law enforcement to the police.

I don't care how the pedophiles are caught - by police, by amateurs such as this couple, the reality is that we'd have to double the number of Police we employ to catch all the pedos out there! Good for you Steven and Samantha! I'm proud of you! Get those predatory perverts off the internet - if they are out there preying on our young people, they deserve to be caught and charged!

Considering the fact that Samantha was contacted on Teen Chat, by her attacker. I find it hard to believe that there is anyone better qualified to investigate whether the site is still being used by similar people.
If these so called "self publicising on-line crime fighters" had not intervened, would the "THREE dangerous online paedophiles have been brought to justice"?

All rapists should be castrated and paedophiles should be hung .No exceptions .

Excellent Well Done !!!!


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