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100,000 scheme to boost trade

Date published: 23 July 2014

PLANS to invest extra funding to support independent businesses in Shaw and Lees were given the go-ahead.

As reported in the Chronicle last week, Oldham Council Cabinet members agreed to invest £100,000 in both areas in the wake of the successful £1million Oldham town centre “Independent Quarter” project.

Launched on Yorkshire Street, Clegg Street and Union Street in November 2013, the first phase of the project has already attracted a range of specialist traders.

The second phase of the project is now set to support new and existing independent businesses in Shaw and Lees after being approved.

The council said a change in shopping habits, including the arrival of supermarket chains and other national brands to Oldham’s district centres provide a wider choice for residents so it is essential that ways to support local businesses are found.

Oldham Council leader Jim McMahon said: “We have seen in a very short space of time that it does not take a lot to get people interested. The proof is there, it can work, and with the right investment of energy it can be an impressive scheme.

“If this takes off there is no reason why this cannot be a business support scheme in different parts of Oldham.”
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The Town centre £1 million investment has delivered 3 new shops & 2 retail relocations in 8 months if that quantifies a success then congratulations! People should read The GMCA report & recommendations for Oldham Town centre from 2012 to see what is really going on including a supermarket at the sports ctr site & OMBC buying retail stock and changing it's use to residential specifically for students & large Asian families. Good to have your Town Centres future decided by external authorities.


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