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Blockades to halt farm 4x4 gangs

Date online: 23 July 2014

BELEAGUERED farmers have been advised to set up blockades to stop valuable vehicles being stolen off their land.

The drastic measures have been mooted after a spate of 4x4 thefts across Saddleworth communities.

And the National Farmers Union (NFU) is working closely with Greater Manchester Police in a concerted effort to foil gangs who are damaging livelihoods.

The local NFU branch, part of newly-formed Farm Watch, already has a text-round system to alert members to suspicious activities to help to protect their property.

And in the wake of recent thefts, police are recommending extra security devices including trackers, window etching and Smart Water.

Mike Billing, who represents the NFU’s 40-strong Saddleworth branch, said: “We are being advised to blockade these vehicles at our businesses to prevent thefts.

“These are drastic measures for drastic times. The Land Rovers, particularly in Saddleworth’s terrain, are vital to our businesses. They are workhorses and essential for moving equipment and stock around.

“But blocking vehicles in yards with other farm machinery — trailers and the like — on a daily basis will extend working days even more.”

If you spot anyone acting suspiciously call police on 101.
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Hmm, do farmers have the right to protect their property with licensed guns?

Unfortunately we live near a poor town where everyone has to sell weed or steal to make a buck, Saddleworth does not deserve to be so close to such low lives, we should have barriers & police at every Saddleworth border & there should be security checks..lol ok seriously its so annoying living up here all the crime comes from Oldham what a dump, my Range Rover was vandalized the other day by some scumbag not from here of course, just some petty thief probably being sanctioned by this government.

You certainly are Saddleworth's Finest something.. Have you been to Lees recently? A part of your beloved Saddleworth - a crime hotspot, and quite frankly no better than most areas in Oldham itself. You also have no data to back up your ridiculous claim that all crime is committed by those who live in Oldham. If your contempt for those who live on your doorstep translates to your social personality, quite frankly your Range Rover deserves to be vanadalised.

@Saddleworth's Finest Now if only you would have parked your Range Rover in the garage at your Ivory Tower, it wouldn't get damaged.What a pathetic statement about Oldham too. I live in Oldham and though I agree it's not the best place in the world, it's our town. You don't like Oldham but you constantly read the Chron and post silly comments like above. P.S I work for a living in a legitimate job, not selling drugs or stealing. Ok, you can get back to your brandy now.

laticslad at least gets your facts straight, Lees is not in Saddleworth, They do not pay the Saddleworth Parish Council tax, Lees is near Springhead & Austerlands those areas are in Saddleworth & are signposted as part of the Saddleworth borough Lees is in Oldham.

lgwatcher i would put it in the garage but i have my 1980 Rolls Royce Phantom in there, there is no way that is being parked on the street its my pride & joy that i only really take out to car shows or maybe drive every once in a while.


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