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‘Talk of racial tension is media hype’

Date published: 23 July 2014

HATHERSHAW residents have spoken out after their area became the focus of negative mass media attention.

BBC TV reports suggested escalating tensions between the district’s white, Asian and Romanian communities.

And while most people agree that the area does have its problems, others feel issues have been exaggerated and blown out of proportion.

Last month, police patrols were stepped up to allay residents’ fears in an attempt to avoid people taking matters into their own hands.

Officers reported a surge in reported crime but most of the incidents were minor, such as fly-tipping.

On Monday night, police were called to Copster Hill Road when a dispute between two children over a stolen bike escalated into an argument between the two families on the street.

Councillor Barbara Brownridge, cabinet member for neighbourhoods and co-operatives, said: “Oldham Council and its partners take a firm and clear line against crime and anti-social behaviour in every area of our borough — it is simply unacceptable.

“We have been working very closely with Greater Manchester Police and the local community to address these issues and will continue to do so.

“We would urge local people to do their bit by reporting any concerns about criminal or anti-social behaviour to the police.

“We will not tolerate behaviour that disrupts local communities and will do whatever is necessary to protect law-abiding people and families.”


Hype! No it is not. This has been happening for months and the BBC has taken weeks & very careful line in its reporting! It is the official silence locally, which has been staggering. It is like there is a golden triangle; Police, Council & Paper who agree that there is "nothing to see here". Yes, it might be negative news about Oldham but these problems exist & silence only gives credence to those who will say that this silence is yet again the Golden Triangle sweeping it under the carpet.

This whole story just illustrates everything wrong with the left wing dream of multi culturalism, and that people will live together without any issues.
On top of that is the insane EU diktat of enforced immigration we can't oppose !
550000 immigrants came to Britain last year alone!

Are the 1000 plus crimes reported in this small area since April exaggerated? Is a surge in crime acceptable to GMP because they are minor crimes? Fly tipping isn't a minor incident of people are throwing used nappies on your street.
There was a very well attended meeting at Hathershaw Community Centre a couple of weeks ago and it was obvious that residents thought there were serious problems. Who are these 'others' that are so dismissive of the residents concerns?

it alway's happens when new communities arrive.. From the poles through to the west Indians then the Asians people find it hard to intergrate this time in ten years we'll all be loving our goulash in the local takeaway

If anyone saw the above news on the tv last night the Romanian man talking to the tv crew more or less stated that it was ok for their kids to taken other childrens bikes out of their gardens as they were only playing no wonder other families were up in arms after they have bought their kids toys to play on

‘Talk of racial tension is media hype’.Last month, police patrols were stepped up to allay residents’ fears in an attempt to avoid people taking matters into their own hands. Makes you think ?

What a green and pleasant land our political masters have turned this land into. Also let's be clear Romanians are not the problem but the Gypsy minority who come from the region. I have spent time in Romania and they the scourge of that country and will be one of the many imported scourges of this.

Multi culturalism has been a total disaster and sadly there is no going back to the way we were.

I agree with Flake on this, they are totally different types of people brought up in totally different ways, being civil to each other is a total kettle of fish compared to actual trying to live together, go back in time were Homo Sapiens able to live with Neanderthals? this is history repeating itself, its a scientific fact that some Neanderthals DNA exists in humans today maybe this is why we have uncivilized nations.

they say people get the government they deserve.

Suppose all exaggerated in Yorkshire as well where they have had an influx of 500 Romanian families in a small village and now are taking over son that people are scared to leave their homes because of their behaviour on the streets. It is so bad that the local police are learbing to speak Romanian to interact with this community and help them to intergrate with the locals OMG.... says it all

I have endured weeks, even months of their dirty, unhealthy ways, every day new mounds of dirty nappies, food and general rubbish including white goods are left piled high at the side of our house, its a disgrace. On our street (Private houses not council) only 4 of us own our houses the rest are privately rented and of those 80% are Romanian. The backings are an absolute disgrace, for months my husband used to clean it up weekly and the day after it was as bad as ever..enough is enough!NO MORE!

jennyd .... what's Yorkshire got to do with this issue The article relates to Oldham
and parts of Oldham are a disgrace no pride in their local areas you would not want to live in for free

have we not learnt anything in 13 years?
this has all the similarities to one of oldhams darkest days back in 2001.

the problems where apparent to everyone except the police. council and press who tried to mask the problems.

they said back then they said similar that things where being blown out of proportion.

it ended up boiling over.

there is something seriously wrong when people who settled here in the 1950's and 60's are saying that immigration is now out of control in this country!

Dispair, because of the similarities, nothing to see no problems etc etc the same old tripe from the police and coucil when clearly as shawmack states who actually lives in this area is clearly stating there is a problem but everything gets played down as in the town in Yorkshire.

so these are private rented properties? were the landlords spoken to to by the bbc? in the back where the gating is, they are constantly leaving it open.they are using the back entries to hang out washing.and regarding sheffield, david blunkett raised concerns.something must be done about this.urgently.


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