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No more bad fur days...

Date published: 25 July 2014

PET owners can keep their dogs in tip-top condition thanks to the RSPCA’s new grooming centre.

Inspired by a number of cases where inspectors found animals in extremely poor states, staff set up the centre to educate owners on the best ways to care for their pets.

Animal officer Lisa Walsh said: “Different types of coats need different types of care and this should be considered before adopting a dog.

“If you are not financially secure enough or dedicated to offer a medium or long-coated dog grooming at a local salon every six weeks then you should look at short-coated dogs which require a lot less maintenance.

“All medium and long-coated dogs are pretty looking dogs but without being groomed regularly these dogs will soon be suffering from a bad hair day that will go on to affect their health.

“Benefits of grooming include boosting the bond between dog and owner, stimulating circulation, improving muscle tone and spreading the natural oils which protect the coat.”

The salon, at Rhodes Bank, Mumps, will be run by qualified dog groomer John Fisher who has experience with a number of different breeds. Call 07528-569935 to book an appointment.


Wow that thing looks like the spawn of Satan ! No wonder no one wanted to brush it, it would have had their hand off !


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