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Going back to the band is so inspiring

Date published: 29 July 2014

RETURNING to lead iconic Oldham band the Inspiral Carpets after more than two decades away has just ‘felt right’ for vocalist Stephen Holt.

Raised in Chadderton, Holt was the Carpets’ lead singer during their formative years, but left in 1989 – to be replaced by Tom Hingley — just prior to the band’s early 90s ‘Madchester’ commercial success which led to 13 top 40 singles and four massively acclaimed albums, the most successful of which — “Life” — reached number two in the album charts.

Hingley officially departed at the turn of the current decade, Holt returned in 2011, and now, following three years of dragging themselves slowly back into the limelight, the resurgent Carpets release a new single — “Spitfire” — next month, a 12-track self-titled album in September, before heading out on a nationwide tour in December.

The Carpets are definitely back in business right now, but unsurprisingly founder-member (with Graham Lambert) Holt clearly feels a degree of disappointment having missed so many good times — particularly in the 90s.

Holt said: “Getting back with the band just felt right really.

“The other lads have just made it so easy for me since I returned in 2011.

“It’s been like being with your best mates again.”

“It is really exciting at the moment,” added Holt.

“There’s been lots of gigs this year, festivals, the new single is coming out soon, and there’s the album to follow in September.

“We all think that sounds brilliant.

“We’re on the up again. The word seems to be out there that we’re playing again and it’s great.

“I think a few people were a bit sceptical when I first came back because The Inspiral Carpets’ December UK tour starts on the 4th in Portsmouth, and takes them to Cardiff, Sheffield, Birmingham, Middlesbrough, Glasgow, Leeds, Nottingham and London, before rounding off in Preston on the 21st.

The band play Manchester’s Ritz on the 19th, and are hoping to double up on the 20th, though that date hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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