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Debbie calls for Gaza ceasefire

Date published: 30 July 2014

MP Debbie Abrahams and local councillors are calling for peace in Gaza and they want Oldhamers to support the campaign.

The MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth wants an end to all hostilities and says Parliament should be recalled so the Gaza crisis can be discussed and humanitarian aid agreed.

Oldham residents are being urged to sign an e-petition which can be accessed via the Oldham Council website.

The petition says: “We, the people of Oldham, call upon the United Kingdom Government and the European Union to act now to protect civilians on all sides and stop the suffering in Gaza.”

The petition urges national politicians to help put an end to the killing by pushing for a ceasefire, securing access for the humanitarian aid needed by the people of Gaza, and to deliver peace for the people of Palestine and Israel.

Mrs Abrahams attended a diverse and multi-faith meeting, led by Oldham councillor Barbara Brownridge, and put forward the suggestion that the petition should call on Parliament to be recalled to debate how to end the violence and suffering in Gaza, and to find a just and lasting settlement for the peoples of Palestine and Israel.

To sign the petition visit www.oldham.gov.uk/gazapetition

Paper copies of the petition can also be signed at various sites across the borough including the Rochdale Road reception at the Civic Centre.

The petition will be delivered to Downing Street on Monday by a delegation from the borough.
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Pathetic pandering to the Muslim voters in the borough!
What about calling for a cease fire in Syria? Or in Iraq? or Lybia?
The death toll by 'ISIS' forces is now at around 170000 and they kill more victims in one day than have been killed in Gaza. The big difference is that it's Muslims doing the killing, and not Jews !
Why should the UK parliament seek a solution to impose on a foreign country? Just who does she think she is?

It's very easy, If Hamas would stop firing rockets into Israel, and stop building tunnels under the border, then there would be no need for Israel to act. Then Gaza wouldn't have a naval blockade and would be able to develop trade with Israel across the border crossings, just like in 2005 when Israel left Gaza with its thriving farms and greenhouses and handed control over to the Palestinian Authority.

Can this MP focus on what she is being paid for that is representing her constituents of Oldham and their concerns about the things that are happening in this country...

These people have been fighting for 3,000 years. Good luck.

Just concentrate on the dustbins, streetlamps and getting the dog**** off the footpaths love, stop trying to be an international politician.

Usual ill-informed drivel from some of the commentators above. Have you not seen the harrowing footage of the innocent children who's lives the unconscionable Israeli military-machine has destroyed. It is nothing less than a war crime.

The leader of Manchester council Sir Richard Leese tonight has said:
Gaza protesters have been warned by the city’s council leader that anti-semitic behaviour will not be tolerated.

Sir Richard Leese claims some of the language used in recent days ‘would not have been out of place in 1930s Germany’.

this council cannot support those who seek to bring this conflict into our city and drive wedges between communities whose home is not the Middle East but is here in Manchester.

Considering she couldn't do much for the Employees of Warburtons Bakery in Shaw, I don't think she will have much chance in trying to stop a group of Muslim extremists trying to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Why are we getting involved in this it has nothing to do with us. USA supports Israel good luck Debbie. Bring back Phil Woolas this woman is a joke!!

Concern and opinion is admirable Debbie, but let's get our own house in order first eh ? You want a petition signing, then may I suggest you get in your car and drive around parts of Oldham, the Palestinian flag is flying and "Free Palestine" posters are up on walls.

I don't see mention of the indiscriminate killings in Eastern Ukraine though.

Debbie, Hamas know exactly what they are doing by firing rockets into Israel from heavily populated area's. Stop the rockets and the Israelis have no excuses to hit back with air strikes. I suppose a petition within the borough to stop the Muslim factions firing rockets would not gather as many signatures eh debbie? Concentrate on the issues in the borough please for which you are paid.

Ok, Shaun.....your argument is disturbingly one sided. No right minded person would support the actions of the Israelis but equally the cowardly behaviour of the Hamas terrorists who hide their rockets in schools, hospitals and apartment blocks deserves condemnation.

Also, which bit of Flake's comment regarding the ISIS murderers is ill informed!

Shaun mcgrath should know there are war crimes committed in every war by both sides of the conflict and taking sides isn't the answer. Every right minded person not directly connected to this situation would support a ceasefire but apart from that local councillors should concentrate more on local issues because there are more than enough problems for them to solve.

pathetic is the word that should be used to describe the likes of brainwashed embeciles on the first few comments. Saying hamas should stop firing rockets is so out of touch with the world, hamas is a reaction of the zionist aggression that is so disproportionat it is like saying a mouse should stop attacking the elephant, what on earth are you talking about?
israels rockets have killed over 1000 civilians in comparison to 3 israeli civilians so again i say what are you talking about flake.

Shaun, you must have been watching the doctored footage from the BBC! Look up the Balen report about the BBC anti Israeli stance and you will realise they are little better than a propaganda outfit.
They have deliberately not reported Hamas setting up HQ in a hospital, nor the arrest of an associated press journalist by terrorists.
They have not reported Hamas forcing civilians back into buildings the Israelis have warned will be bombed
You can't trust the BBC to be unbiased.

Well Matt100 you obviously know nothing about rockets and their destructive power!
In WWII one struck a row of terraced homes one Xmas eve killing several Oldhamers. The RAF searched for the launch sites of these rockets and destroyed them, even in civilian areas. We flattened several cities.
Hamas sent 500 rockets in a month, and it's only because of air raid shelters that there aren't more dead.
Difference here Hamas trying to kill civilians, Israel trying not to.

Matt100...so if I'm reading your comment correctly, you are saying the lives of 3 Israelis don't matter.
First question for you, Matt.....would there be so many Palestinian lives lost if Hamas cared about their own and moved their rockets away from residential areas?
And to reiterate Flake's point in the form of a question...which is the greater tragedy...1000 deaths in Gaza or 130,000 Shi'ites by the hands of Sunni Muslims?

may i suggest you start knocking on doors,and speaking to people on the phone.to the electorate who put you in parliament.miliband has said less of the photo op.your party has voted for more austerity.ask the people of this borough what they think about that.less of the 'celebrity' photo op.
you work for us ms abrahams.the electorate.

I think the message here is that an Oldham MP, not in government, and not even a shadow minister should not be trying to sort out international problems which have proven insoluble.
Tony Blair would be better placed but even he's decided he'd rather party at his mansion that take an active role.
Oldham has enough problems which need sorting out that this futile grandstanding, which has more to do with pandering to one section of the electorate than achieving anything meaningful.

As expected, a Labour MP with a high reliance on the Muslim votes chirps up on issues that are nothing to do with Oldham, and where none of her 'constituents have any family or relations involved in what is going on. She is working for the Ummah.
Take a look at the Palestine Support Group that is behind these rallies. It's logo uses the map of the British mandate of Palestine, so there is no Israel to be seen.
Take a look at the trade union affiliation to the PSC. Read up on Raed Salah


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