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Chief speaks out on Gaza protests

Date published: 05 August 2014

GREATER Manchester Police Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy has spoken out about the effects of recent protests over Gaza in the city.

The news comes in the wake of protesters turning out in force to boycott a Clarkesfield Tesco for stocking Israeli goods.

Sir Peter said police are in a difficult position of trying to balance the right to protest against the potential damage caused if tensions escalate.

He said: “The protests have placed GMP in the difficult position of being stuck in the middle.

“The protests have highlighted the need to strike that delicate balance between the right to protest and the potential damage to the community and whether there are other means to express their views rather than targeting one individual shop.

“GMP respects everyone’s right to lawful protest. It is the fundamental right of anyone to express their views through protest.


“The situation in Gaza has provoked strong emotions which has resulted in almost daily protests by pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian supporters.

“We are now facing the prospect of tensions in another part of the world spilling on to the our streets, posing a risk to community cohesion.”

Around 40 people protested outside Tesco on Lees Road on Saturday and Sunday holding banners saying “free Palestine” and “boycott Tesco”.

The peaceful demonstrations ran from 1pm until 5pm, with people fearing that Israeli products purchased by the supermarket could help fund weapons.

Sir Peter said: “Protests result in tension and disturbance as people express strong views and emotions are heightened. While protest is a human right, those involved should recognise the effect these protests have. We must also recognise the affect protests have on the wider community.


Why no protest over the wide scale murder of Muslims by ISIS?
Also I am still waiting for Debbie Abrahams to show her concern for the Christians being persecuted in Iraq by ISIS. But I suppose there are no votes to be gained by that.
I am afraid this highly selective outrage is underwhelming.

Boycotting Tesco's is a waste of time too. Israel is an advanced economy and exports much more than fruit and veg. For example Microsoft, Apple and Google all have major research operations in Israel.

Israel is the most civilized nation in the middle east, they aren't going anywhere they also have USA as back up, Israel could do anything they want & nobody would stop them & don't forget they have an nuclear arsenal too.

Of course we condemn what ISIS has done and is doing but this is no where near what Israel is currently doing in front of the eyes of the world. Israel have gone all guns blazing because 3 Jewish teens were murdered, who immediately blamed Hamas for their murders, which Hamas deny. We cannot compare Israel and ISIS. Israel is a powerhouse funded by the their partner in crime America. Both are the biggest Terrorists!
Over 1,800 Palestinians have been murdered since the Israeli slaughter started.

nando's, Topman, Manchester United. All have Israeli and American connections - protest is where next?

Please define "civilized nation", Saddleworth's Finest, because as far as I can see, the actions of Israel are anything but civilized. As for ISIS, Israel have been remarkably quiet on this, particularly considering that the Levant encompasses their own country. Might have something to do with the fact that ISIS are predominantly killing fellow Muslims (albeit Shia).

Fergie98, you only condemn ISIS after being challenged and then your condemnation is qualified with a 'but'.
We certainly cannot compare Israel and ISIS. Israel is a prosperous and democratic state that treats it's citizens equally regardless of their religion, gender or sexual orientation.
ISIS is a bunch of religious maniacs that behead and crucify people for having the wrong religion. They have killed over 5500 Iraqis so far.They are barbarians and fellow travellers of Hamas.

You must be living in a different universe Fergie!
170 000 dead, 100 time as many as Israel killed?
Forget the 500 rockets fired by Hamas did we? Or the tunnels for terrorism?
Or perhaps Boko Haram?
If you want examples of human rights abuses and murder in the Muslim world then I've got a book full!

Nettle, keep watching the biased Western Media. They are the ones who want you to think like you are and they are doing a good job. People like you will never grasp what's actually going on nor are people are prepared to research to actually see for themselves.
Turn the TV on, listen to the news, turn the TV off. That's how some people see it!

Israel has gone into Gaza as a result of months of Hamas attacks and provocation. No country would put up with what Israel has put up with, and a lot would be a hell of a lot worse.
The people of Gaza or at least some of them know what Hamas is doing and what the consequences will be, but unlike in Israel - a civilised country where protest is allowed, protest against Hamas in Gaza will get you executed. At least 30 Gaza have been murdered by these thugs already.
Is this what you want to suppor

Fergie you have no idea where I get my information.Where do you get your 'unbiased' facts? But I understand your attack. If you can't counter the argument change the argument. We aren't talking about the media.
We are talking about you having nothing to say about the mass murder carried out by ISIS. 'Progressives' are highly selective over what wars outrage them. Anything linked to the 'West' including Israel gets full outrage,a deafening silence for everything else. How does Hamas treat gays?

Yes Fergie I have to agree that the BBC in particular is extremely biased. It has been against Israel for a long time, to such an extent that an investigation was launched, which the BBC refused to allow to be published spending over £300K of taxpayers money defending their decision.
One BBC journalist has even been handing rockets back to Hamas when he's found them on UN premises!
They failed to report Hamas using hospitals as HQs and the working over of the AP Journo.
Yes it's biased !

Flake, no one is denying the equal culpability of Hamas in this situation. But you cannot ignore the fact that Israel's response is wholly disproportionate, bordering on the psychopathic (and I use that word very carefully). As has been said on numerous other occasions, Israel (specifically, certain elements within the country's political/military establishment), have learned nothing from their people's experiences in Nazi-occupied Europe. History, in so many ways, is repeating itself.


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