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Will Carolyn cut the big earners?

Date online: 05 August 2014

A TOTAL of 2,181 council staff across the country — including nine in Oldham — earned more than £100,000 last year.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance has released a list of the top local authority earners for 2012/13.

Nationally, the number of employees earning in excess of £100,000 has fallen by 5 per cent from 2011/12 but 93 councils have increased the number earning more than £100,000.

When the figures were collated in Oldham, the chief executive’s (Carolyn Wilkins) total package was £219,000, the executive director of neighbourhoods (Elaine McLean) was £161,000, the executive director of commercial services (Emma Alexander) was £155,000, the deputy chief executive (now vacant) was £152,000, the executive director of commissioning (now vacant) £135,000, the borough treasurer and chief financial officer (now vacant) was £117,000, the chief of staff (Mark Reynolds) was £111,000, the borough solicitor and monitoring officer (Paul Entwistle) was £109,000 and the director of adult social services (Paul Cassidy) was £105,000.

In the North-West, 237 employees receive in excess of £100,000, 56 in excess of £150,000 and five in excess of £250,000.

Knowsley, Warrington and Cheshire West and Chester councils had the highest number of employees earning more than £100,000 with 15 each.

The biggest local authority salary in the region is £417,187 for the acting director of community services at Liverpool Council.
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I have no problem with people with big salaries who have earned them, years at college/universities finishing with degrees and honours etc. However I do have a problem when the pay is not in proportion to the actual job and total budget. It will be interesting to see the views of others on this.

Plenty of room here for Oldham council to save money.

In a word, No.

UK must be as far from a meritocracy as can be possible.
These people are essentially no-mark staff accomplishing nothing but line their pockets.

This is local government, empty bins and clean the streets, NOT running CERN.

This country will always be worthless until the people who develop, design and engineer are the valued members, not these jumped-up old-school-tie paper pushers.

That's correct get rid of two big earners on the council and cut their expense sheets and you have made up the difference right away simple. No, what will happen is council rates will go up and then they will make people on lower incomes redundant to make up the loss. The high earners will still be sat in the same jobs creaming big expense sheets and high wages while the lower paid will be on the dole.

You must be joking! They're very good at taking the moral high-ground and preaching at us, but god forbid they should find common cause and take a pay cut

no only the small earners on minimum wage will be cut

Oldham council exists for the benefit of its staff, as anyone who has tried to use anything other than the most basic of services will know.
There is not a chance of these top earners giving up a penny, even though they don't merit such rewards.

This little piggy ran the markets,
This little piggy ran homes,
This little piggy ran health,
This little piggy ran finance ,
And all the little piggies cried hee hee hee , all the way home!!!!!

does Ms Wilkins live in the borough?well if mcmahon,and co don't cut their salaries we can do something about it in may.
don't vote for him,or other cabinet members.how much pension will they receive? ;a 'co-operative council''one nation''hard working families'.sound bites that are meaning less clap trap.

£417,187 for the acting director of community services at Liverpool Council. Such largesse is truly breathtaking. This is more than twice the prime minister's salary in a job which provides for early retirement on a final salary pension and a job which involves no financial risk to the incumbent. Unjustified and unjustifiable. Truly disgusting. The council tax payers should have to vote on any package above £100,000 per annum.


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