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60m more cuts

Date online: 05 August 2014

OLDHAM Council’s budget has been slashed in half, by £201 million, over eight years — equivalent to £2,232 per household.

Government cuts forced the authority to make savings of £141 million between 2009 and 2014 and they must cut a further £60 million from the budget between 2015 and 2017.

The council is calling on all Oldhamers to do their bit to help cushion the blow of the essential cuts.

Recycling more could save up to £5 million a year in landfill costs and stamping out fly-tipping and littering could save £1 million.

Recruiting an extra 25 foster carers would save £1 million a year in placement costs and helping 100 older people stay in their own homes would also save up to £1 million each year.

The council is also attempting to generate extra income by building more new homes and supporting new businesses to raise income tax.

Oldhamers are also encouraged to “love it local” as research has shown that every £1 spent in Oldham is worth £4 to the local economy.

Council leader Jim McMahon said: “We have to have an honest conversation between the council and residents about the serious financial challenges we face. Half our budget has gone and there are no easy answers.

“As a co-operative borough we need to work together as a team — residents, businesses and organisations — where all of us do our bit so that everybody benefits.

“We can’t spend more money than we have, so we’ve got to stop doing things or do things differently.

“We are already making huge changes by carrying out regeneration projects to dramatically boost our economy. We are building more homes, supporting and encouraging businesses in the borough and we are working closely with other services like the NHS, police and the fire service.

“However, we need to do more and have a comprehensive look at how we can deliver services.”

More information about the budget cuts can be found online at www.oldham.gov.uk/letstalk_budget.
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'Councillors are taking a 50% wage cut' I didn't read that did I ?

Lets hope that the big earners in the other article can earn there big wages and come up with solutions that work for Oldhamers.

In this same edition there is an article showing that over £1 million has been paid in salaries to nine (9) members of staff in the council. How do they justify those salaries, what do they do to earn them. If half of that was put back in the pot it would keep proper council workers in a job.

The council is calling on all Oldhamers to do their bit to help cushion the blow of the essential cuts.


Here's a couple of ideas Jim,

Set the senior officer's salaries at a realistic figure. 161k for a 'Director of Neighbourhoods'??? Nine employees earning more than 100k in a town such as Oldham is obscene. Even more so as I don't think anyone could call them an unqualified success.

Time for us to tighten our belts a few notches more, unless of course you're the highly-paid council employees at the top of the pyramid struggling on £100,000 +

How much would they save by cutting translation services and not printig inormation leaflets in several different languages for people who are too lzy to learn english?

All tax taken from us should be spent in Britain and not on propping up the EU. At least £13 billion/year of our money is given to the EU. Also in 2013 we spent £5 billion on benefits to EU migrants. £18 billion divided by the population of 64 million is £281 per person. £281 x Oldham's population of 225,000 is £63.2 million/year. BINGO.
Our tax should be spent on providing services for the British people and not subsidising failed EU states.
Our politicians should put us first not the EU.

Not only the big wigs creaming the money off, how mush has it cost to participate in the Britain in bloom contest there are hanging baskets and planters all over the borough which are watered and maintained by an army of workers every weekend (on overtime no doubt), now although this coveted award will look nice on the OMBC mantelpiece was it an necessary expense or could that money have been put to better use.

This government is a joke its starving its own people cutting this cutting that & then it sends £3 million to Gaza, is that logical? this country obviously isn't as poor as they are cracking on to be if we can just throw away £3 million just like that to terrorists, this really annoys me being a tax payer.

McMahon you really have a damn cheek.telling the residents to
work as a team.the £5.7 million for a new stand for oldham athletic.and pray how much does it cost to pay for you going
down to london.we have one supermarket in the town centre.have you actually been in the town centre?look at the empty shops in spindles/town square.how about cllrs cutting down on their expenses. how about 1 cllr per ward.the residents have suffered enough.time you,the cabinet,senior officers to take a pay cut.

If they can knock so much out of a budget and the town not totally disintegrate it shows just how wasteful things were under the previous Labour government & justifies the coalitions austerity policies

I offered to do my bit. Became a volunteer litter picker but then became frustrated at the fact the public litter bins in our neighbourhood were infrequently emptied. I asked the Council to confirm the time table for collection 3 weeks ago, still waiting for a reply. same with Highways, still awaiting a reply 4 weeks ago.

I will do my bit but Oldham Council need to do theirs!

while many of the council staff remain on nmw, these people can be on wages that will take most over 10 years to match,and ought to be cut along with their expenses, but the councillors should be cut too from 40 to 15 to save money.

There would be more money in this country if the Government stopped paying for families abroad and only allowed payments to families who reside in UK only, too much money is being allowed to escape by fraud due to non informing of deaths ect, but believe charity begins at home first.
The politicians have themselves to blame for all this, as they have allowed the country to get in a mess,instead of looking after us before anyone else.


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