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Travellers told to make a move

Date published: 07 August 2014

TRAVELLERS who pitched up on a town-centre car park have been told by police they must move today having just left piles of rubbish behind on another site — to the disgust of local residents.

Officers gave a community of travellers 24 hours’ warning to vacate the former Sainsbury’s car park in Bloom Street yesterday.

The news comes after the same group of more than 35 caravans were moved from Stotts Field, off Middleton Road, Royton, on Tuesday.

Local residents took to Facebook to express their disgust.
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Let's celebrate diversity in all it's forms. These people are vibrant and enrich the lives of everyone they meet.

Why don't the Police check if all the 'Travellers' vehicles are taxed and insured?

Why doesn't the Tax Office check how much tax and national insurance these people are paying? I suspect it is nil.

So far as I can see Travellers cause trouble and leave a mess wherever they go. The contribute nothing positive and yet we waste tax payers money on them.

At whose expense is the clean-up. TAX PAYERS. Why didn’t the council get them to take their rubbish with them. These "travellers" cause havoc where ever they go. Crime goes up and it no coincidence. Is it any wonder no-one wants them on their doorstep.

I cannot get my head around why travellers are "given notice" to move on. If I parked across someone's drive would I be given 24 hours or a week to move my car!!! NO.

Sadly, for the local Police/councils, these people are more or less untouchable when it comes to fines and fixed penalties. No point even issuing them as without a fixed abode there is never any come back when the fines are not met. They are, on the whole, quite simply a huge burden on the tax payer and sadly, they are well aware of it.

And now they are on Oldham edge, why are they allowed to stay in Oldham leaving Oldham tax payers to foot the bill after their reckless behaviour
when they move sites they should move Towns

Hear what you say timberwolf BUT the police do have ability to run a ANP check on vehicles so if a fine is outstanding and the vehicle is picked up then take the vehicle as payment. Slippery as a box of eels these people BUT there has to be a way to ensure the laws apply to them also.

They are just different. i live North Manchester and we have had travelers around for years. Not all bad. In fact one group that have now moved due to flats being built where they would stay were incredibly clean,sparkling vehicles and washing out that would have been a perfect advert for "DAZ" They always took rubbish away too. There are a lot of dirty people and they span every community! At least their girls aren't pregnant out of wedlock with no idea who the father is.!

Nettle, I understand your views there, but if the police found their vehicles to be uninsured and they subsequently seized them, how would these travellers move their caravans?


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