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GMP rapped following death of teenager

Date published: 08 August 2014

THE Independent Police Complaints Commission has made recommendations to GMP following an investigation into the death of a teenager who suffered epileptic seizures while being held in custody.

Billy Salton (19) suffered two seizures at Cheadle Heath custody suite, where he was held for a total of 33 hours. He had a third fit in a cell at Stockport Magistrates’ Court after being transferred there for a court hearing and died three days later in Stepping Hill Hospital on July 9, 2012.

An inquest recorded that Mr Salton died of natural causes after suffering a heart attack brought on by a third epileptic fit he suffered after transfer to Stockport Magistrates Court.

The IPCC investigation found that although mistakes were made and poor operating practices observed, there was insufficient evidence to suggest any individual officer or member of GMP staff breached their standards of professional behaviour. However, the investigation did find there had been a sloppy approach to Mr Salton’s care by the force and medical staff.

The IPCC has recommended that GMP consider addressing these as a training issue for sergeants and custody detention officers.


It's ok having a go at the police, what was he in for? the police aren't paramedics they are just civil servants here to protect the public.

Saddleworth finest it does not mater what he in for. The police new he was sick and should have watched him better

how do they keep getting away with it? i am not a paramedic but if i saw someone having any kind of medical problems i would call a ambulance. if i saw a fire i would ring for a fire engine.if i saw a crime i would ring the police..........common sense. how comes the policemen involved could not work that out. they need to go on a training course??? and saddleworths finest...they didnt protect him very well.did they.


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