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Drunk threw kitten

Date published: 08 August 2014

A CHADDERTON man who caused unnecessary suffering to a kitten pleaded guilty at the 11th hour.

Jason McClean (38), of Ramsdale Street, received a two-year conditional discharge after appearing two hours late for the hearing yesterday, when he admitted holding a cat by the neck and throwing it, Oldham magistrates heard.

Prosecutor Paul Darnborough said the McClean’s cousin had allowed him to stay at her home after he was thrown out by his dad.

A registered alcoholic, McClean became aggressive when she asked him to turn the television down as it was too loud. He stomped upstairs, grabbed the kitten and threw it.

Toni McCann, defending, said it was clear the cat was uninjured and that McClean had been drinking.

Magistrates ordered McClean to pay £250 in costs plus a victim surcharge of £15.

McClean, who constantly interrupted proceedings, said of the fine: “You’re joking.”


What an outstanding man he is. People like that should be culled.

When are we going to stop using'being drunk' as a defence in court.

Pathetic, joke of a punishment. Still, at least everyone now knows the name of this lowlife.

Sickening behavour of a drunk .and we probably pay this guy with benefits due to his condition

What a man you are!! Throwing a strop like a child and then throwing a kitten across the room. Justice would be if someone grabbed you by the throat and threw you across the room. There should be more justice rolled out like that. You are pathetic.


What a scumbag i bet he would never hit a man i dislike people like this they take their frustration & show their cowardice by attacking innocent animals.

Not to worry. Karma really is a bitch and hopefully one day one will come to bite him on the backside - preferably a Rotweiller in a bad mood.


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