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Gas blast fear

Date published: 08 August 2014

DOZENS of worried residents fled their homes in panic last night after a car ploughed into a house, hit a gas pipe and drove off leaving householders fearing a massive explosion.

The drama unfolded in Failsworth at 6pm when the vehicle careered across the Mather Street junction into the house on Hardman Lane, damaged the property and gas pipe, before fleeing the scene.

Police cordoned off Hardman Lane for two hours after the ruptured pipe leaked gas into the street.

Quick-thinking resident Lisa Casey (29) alerted emergency services and evacuated neighbours after the collision.

The pregnant mum-of-four said: “The kids came in saying a gas pipe had exploded. I rang 999 straight away.

“When I saw it was a gas pipe I started knocking door to door saying there’s a major gas leak.

“You could hear the gas coming from the pipe, it was horrendous. I told people to flip the electricity off and then I rang the gas board.

“It’s quite a tight-knit neighbourhood. We are a good community and look out for each other.”

Police, firefighters and the National Grid were quickly on the scene, shutting off the road from the junctions of Hale Lane to Andrew Street with around 50 properties on Hardman Lane evacuated.

Around 50 residents stood out on the street for two hours while the gas supply was isolated and properties ventilated.
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I have been driving since 1993 & never hit anything stationary, are these drivers on drugs or something how do you hit a wall a house or a shop? i am sat here scratching my head, take their licence away until they learn how to drive these idiots are endangering peoples lives.

The gas companies must be crying their hearts out over the fortune lost in escaped gas , especially at today's extortionate prices .


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