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Peace Day plea

Date published: 11 August 2014

OLDHAM’S Liberal Democrat leader has called for councillors to pull together to give International Peace Day the recognition it deserves.

Councillor Howard Sykes has written to Oldham Council’s chief executive Carolyn Wilkins and council leader Jim McMahon to request that the event, which usually falls on September 21, be marked annually in Oldham.

In a letter, he states: “I feel passionately that we should take whatever small steps we can to promote peace.

“You may be aware that in 1981 the International Day of Peace was established by resolution of the United Nations General Assembly. Each year it is observed around the world on September 21.

“On this day, the UN General Assembly asks all combatants to cease hostilities, and invites all nations to hold commemorative activities and events to help strengthen the ideals of peace and raise public awareness of the day. As a small step to promote peace, I would like to ask the council to take a lead in helping to galvanise events across the borough to mark this year’s International Peace Day and to make this an annual effort.”

Councillor Sykes has asked the council to consider hosting a town-centre event to mark the day and invite representatives from the United Nations Association and UK-based charity Peace One Day.

He also wants the United Nations flag on display at the civic centre.


What does Councillor Howard Sykes and his Liberal-Democrat cohorts know about peace? Where is the peace (of mind) when you're contending with benefit cuts and sanctions, the bedroom tax, having to wait five weeks for JSA when you're made redundant, etc?

Waste of time and money. Council says it is skint and Sykes wants to waste money on this rubbish.
All these soundbites that politicians spout make zero difference, concentrate on representing the people who pay your wage.

Oh the hand wringing! The competition to see who can wring them the most!
No doubt it will be hijacked by the anti Semites and have nothing to do with peace, but them requiring all Israelis and Jews to roll over and play dead for real.

How about a moratorium on sanctimonious drivel day !
All politicians and others of the drivel mongering persuasion don suitable outdooor clothing and spend 8 hours in the open air picking up litter.

Fresh air and a bit of hard work will train their feeble minds into concentrating on issues that directly affect their own parish.

Too much gesture politics.

Remembrance Sunday will do for me.


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