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Megan’s rock is her ‘Big Sister’

Date online: 11 August 2014

A schoolgirl whose mother died of cancer took inspiration from her “Big Sister” to raise hundreds of pounds for charity.

Megan Tucker, a pupil at Oasis Academy, is part of the Big Sister programme run at the Hollins school in partnership with Manchester-based social enterprise Girls Out Loud.

Just after the 15-year-old joined the scheme, which pairs teenagers with local business women to raise self esteem, confidence and ambition, her mum Lois was diagnosed with cancer.

As a result, Megan’s sessions with her “Big Sister” Nicola Huxley, an independent financial adviser, were diverted from education and careers to the shock, pressure and grief surrounding cancer. And the pair decided to enter the Race for Life together and raised £400 for Cancer Research UK.

Megan, who lives in Hollinwood, said: “I’m so glad that I’ve met Nicola. She has helped me through so much in the past year.

“It feels great to have someone to talk to, who will listen and who understands what it’s like to go through losing someone to cancer.”

Mrs Huxley added: “A lot of my conversations were about Megan’s mum’s diagnosis, treatment and hospital visits. I had a lot of sympathy for Megan because my dad died from cancer five years ago. I had some experience of the emotions and hardship Megan was going through, even though she is much younger.

“We bonded really well. We felt like we’d been matched for a reason although, in fact, it was chance. Megan told me the mentoring scheme has been brilliant and she was so glad to have met me, which is very touching.

“I never met Megan’s mum but I attended her funeral at Oldham Parish Church earlier this year and I have met the rest of Megan’s family.

“The school and Mr Hayes have been really co-operative.”

To donate to Megan’s fundraising, visit www.justgiving.com/megantucker
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For those who support the fight against cancer but find issue with Cancer Research UK's support and funding for vivisection, can I recommend that you consider a donation to the Dr Hadwen Trust - the UK's leading non-animal medical research charity.


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