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Lisa shines bright as star of Yanks show

Date online: 11 August 2014

A film star received a heroes’ welcome when she returned to a community to which she brought international fame.

Blonde-haired Lisa Eichhorn, who played opposite hearthrob Richard Gere in the 1970s classic “Yanks,” was given celebrity treatment at The Yanks Are Back In Saddleworth celebration.

She spent a whirlwind weekend based in Dobcross, scene of some of the film’s most dramatic action, meeting scores of admiring fans and former film extras.

It is the first time the 62-year-old actress, nominated for two Golden Globes for her part as a mill girl in the film, had spent any time in Saddleworth since filming ended in October, 1978.

Standing outside The Swan Inn in the village square after arriving from her London home, she said: “Nothing has really changed — Saddleworth is still a truly beautiful place.

“We filmed here for a long time and the locals are just as friendly as they were all those years ago. I’m really excited being here.”

And she happily posed for pictures with villagers, some who shared their five seconds of fame as extras in the screen blockbuster.

Meantime, the visit by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster bomber originally timed for Sunday, was rescheduled for Saturday afternoon because of the threat of bad weather.

And hundreds of excited visitors and re-enactors in full American, British and German uniforms, clapped and cheered as the giant plane, etched in bright sunlight, made three sweeps over Uppermill.

Lisa shared the nostalgia against a backdrop of fluttering bunting, Stars and Stripes and Union flags decorating the crowd-thronged High Street.

Traders said Saturday was a beano with scores of revellers enjoying drinks and refreshments in the sunshine.

Event organiser, Paul Higginson, said: “It’s been a terrific weekend and Lisa really stole the show,

“She’s a real trouper and the crowds loved her. She is such a professional.”
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I cannot understand why the US Army chose Saddleworth as a base during WW2.

Viewing the Lancaster Bomber photo, it looks that under the starboard wing is the Pots & Pans, war memorial, that was put up by my grandfather (William Bradbury) and his team in 1923. He got a bonus of 200 pounds which he spent all on beer within 3 months. The cost of beer in those days - tuppence a pint (120 pints for a pound).


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