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Jim gets the chop in tribute to his hero grandfather

Date published: 12 August 2014

JIM Blything saluted the memory of his heroic grandfather when he shed his shoulder-length locks during the Yanks weekend.

Jim’s proud relative was one of the first-ever recruits to join the Army and fight in the trenches in the First World War — enlisting when he was only 15.

Jim (49), who is famed for his trademark long tresses, was cheered on by scores of customers at The Swan Inn, Dobcross, where he got star treatment.

Actress Lisa Eichhorn, who starred in the 1978 film “Yanks”, was on hand to wield the scissors and ensure her first snip fast-tracked him to short back and sides as cornet player Dave Morris played the Last Post.


Jim’s grandfather, also called Jim, who lived in Cheshire and joined the Northumberland Fusiliers, fought and survived The Somme.

He was awarded a special medal commemorating his joining the Army in the first year of the Great War, which began in August, 1914.

Jim, from Delph, a local musician and DJ, said proudly: “My grandad was one of a remarkable bunch of youngsters who volunteered to fight when they left school.

“He lived into his 80s but he seldom talked about his exploits. But I’m delighted and proud to honour his memory.”
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