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L of a clanger by bungling fraudster

Date published: 12 August 2014

A MAN who got caught trying to take a driving theory test on behalf of a friend has been found guilty of fraud.

Security guard Varmuyan Sirleaf (45), of Eden Street, Oldham, denied two counts of fraud by false representation when he appeared before Oldham magistrates yesterday.

The court heard that Sirleaf attended the Oldham Driving Theory Test Centre on September 19 pretending to be Musa Kromah.

A staff member became suspicious when Sirleaf was unable to reproduce the signature on the back of Mr Kromah’s provisional licence and then took out a mobile phone to make a call, despite being warned that that all belongings were to be left in the lockers provided.

Sirleaf then left the centre without taking the test.

On December 5, Sirleaf attended the Stockport Driving Theory Test Centre and this time managed to pass himself off as Mr Kromah but failed the theory test.

By this time, the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) had started investigating because Mr Kromah had tried to take the theory test himself in November and had failed.

On the morning of February 23, police officers, along with DSA investigator John Clough attended Sirleaf’s address looking for Mr Kromah, who had given it as his address.

Sirleaf said he had provided his friend Mr Kromah — originally from Liberia — with an address that he could use to obtain a British passport, although the man stayed with other friends.

PC Wax Azam said that Mr Clough showed Sirleaf a still photograph, captured from CCTV footage, showing him at the test centres.

PC Azam said: “He confirmed, ‘That’s me’, and said, ‘I have commit no crime’.”

Sirleaf was arrested and taken to Chadderton police station, where he became agitated and had to be handcuffed.

In a police interview later that day, Sirleaf denied making the earlier comments and insisted that although there was a resemblance to the man in the footage, it was not him

Mr Tom Stevenson, defending, said that as Sirleaf has no previous convictions, it was more likely that he was telling the truth.

He said: “Mr Clough may have misheard as he has a strong African accent.”

Sirleaf, who was found guilty on both counts of fraud, was remanded on bail until sentencing on Thursday by Oldham magistrates.
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why people do this, i never know.

No previous convictions that are known about!! But he failed the test previously!! mad as

This one might have been caught but he's the tip of an iceberg.
Makes you wonder how many people have never actually taken a driving test, quite a few judging by the standard of driving in Oldham.

Why do they do it Ibby786? 1. They get paid to do it and 2. A British Driving Licence is like gold to those who live here illegally as it can be used for ID everywhere.This is not an isolated incident by a long way!

This was one that was caught, how many have actually got away with this? no wonder there are so many bad drivers on our roads.

Am sorry, but its time that more id is asked for with photo taken before there test.
Its getting to the stage that illegal drivers like this is again using fraud to obtain a driving licence, so what else is he trying to do this for, to obtain benefits,passport.
Bet he will get a slap on wrist, although if it was me he would face a 10k fine,and sent to jail.
Drivers licence should be checked by police on regular basis , to make sure the driver is the one who is the registered person.


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