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Princely results for Eleanor

Date published: 14 August 2014

ELEANOR Prince has returned from a 12-day guides project in Armenia — and is now off to Cambridge.

The Blue Coat School pupil will study psychological and behavioural sciences at Jesus College after getting A*s in biology, chemistry and English literature, as well as two further As.

She also completed an Extended Project Qualification — a tough, dissertation-style project — in facial reconstruction in forensic science for which she also received an A*.

Eleanor (18), from Chadderton, is a newly-qualified guide leader at Healds Green and was selected to take part in this summer’s INTOPS (INTernational OPportunitieS) project in Armenia.

As well as taking part in a camp to train women and girls to become guide leaders, she also spent time in the capital, Yerevan.

“We decorated and refurbished a library for their guides to meet in the winter. They can meet outside in the summer because it it is good weather, but the temperatures can get quite extreme in the winter.

“The trip was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. It was very different to a UK camp in terms of what we did and the resources, but they made it their own, They had a disco every night and we sang karaoke in Russian.”

Eleanor is also a member of Ashton’s Do Your Thing community choir, performing with them during the Olympic torch relay .


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