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Driving test fraudster spared prison

Date published: 15 August 2014

A MAN who was found guilty of trying to take a driving theory test on behalf of a friend has been spared jail.

Security guard Varmuyan Sirleaf (45), of Eden Street, Oldham, pleaded not guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation when he appeared before Oldham magistrates on Tuesday.

Sentencing him yesterday, magistrate Brenda Gates said: “It is a very serious offence that you have committed.

Sirleaf pleaded not guilty to the two charges but later admitted full responsibility.

Sirleaf was given a 26-week prison sentence on each offence to run concurrently and suspended for two years, with a requirement to carry out 280 hours of unpaid work. He must also pay costs of £580.


This is a very serious offence? But seeing as you aren't a fat disabled white bloke we won't give you a prison sentence !

Why does this not surprise me? This is a very serious offence and this guy knew what he was doing. How many more have got away with this crime? Disgusting, no doubt that if I tried this then the book would be thrown at me.

Do what you want guys you wont get sent to jail . What a great message to send to cheating scroats everywhere .

Eh! you couldn't make it up how many tests has this guy sat and how many drivers without a proper license are out there. Also they will not be insured so god help any poor person who gets involved in a shunt with one of these as John Price so eloquently put it scroats as usually the insurance companies are good at weeding these details out when a claim is submitted.

And you wonder why Oldham has so many bad drivers.

And I wonder if they're all "Driving Miss Daisy" up in them thar hills of Saddleworth ......


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