Oxford-bound friends are sticking together

Date published: 15 August 2014

BEST pals Harvey Jones and Zac Keane are inseparable — they got the same A-level results in the same subjects and will be heading to Oxford University together to study the same course.

The duo, both 18, studied maths, further maths and physics at Blue Coat School — achieving A*s in all subjects.

They opened their results together at the school yesterday and discovered that they had both made the grades to be accepted to study physics at Oxford.

Zac, from Shaw, said: “It will be really good to have someone I know down there with me. We’re good friends in and out of lessons and we both can’t wait to go to Oxford.

“I was really nervous and I’m not quite sure what results I was expecting but I’m definitely chuffed.

“The fact that we got the same results is fantastic — I think that has to be the most incredible part of it all.”

Harvey said: “We are really good friends and it’s great that we’ll be down there together. I’m very happy with my results.

“Because we were in every lesson together at sixth form we ended up spending nearly eight hours with each other a day and we have become really good friends.

“We meet up at the weekends as well and I’m sure we’ll have a great time in Oxford.”

Martin Griffin, head of sixth form at Blue Coat School, said: “They really are a right pair. They are both greats lads with clearly very bright futures, they have been a pleasure to have around.”

Blue Coat achieved its best ever A-level results this year with 60 per cent of grades being between A*-B.
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