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Sex-crime copper jailed for 17 years

Date published: 18 August 2014

A RETIRED Royton police officer has been jailed for 17 years for subjecting a girl to an eight-year spell of sexual torture from the Eighties, when she was only 11.

For over 30 years John Travis (63), worked as a policeman in Greater Manchester - and for eight of those years was a sex beast who regularly sexually assaulted his victim.

Travis, of Turf Lane, Royton, raped the girl twice when she was 15 and 16 – and made her the victim of eight years of sexual abuse that has ruined her life.

At Manchester Crown Court on Friday he was sentenced to 17 years for the rapes and other disturbing offences, including beating her with a leather strap.

Speaking to the Chronicle after the sentencing, the victim said: “I never wanted or asked for this, I just wish I would have had a boring life. I’m still terrified of him even though he’s behind bars. Nothing will ever repair what he did. I always felt people would never believe me over him.

“It’s a good sentence, I am pleased with it and I am pleased with what the judge said, but nothing will put right what he has done to me.”

The court heard Travis - who retired in 1997 - controlled the vulnerable girl’s life until she was able to escape him at the age of 19. In a statement the girl said: “I often felt it would have been easier to take my own life.”

Though she tried to tell family members what was happening at the time, Travis said she was a trouble-causer. In 2012 and an adult, she told police everything.

She said: “I know there are others out there like me that have suffered and I want more people to come forward. Don’t be frightened.”

Detective Constable Lucy Shaw, who investigated the case, said: “Right from the beginning, Travis physically and mentally controlled the victim and took advantage of her age.

“Her bravery has ensured we have been able to bring Travis to justice for the appalling acts he committed.”


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