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50,000 molten mess

Date online: 19 August 2014

Vandals who set fire to play equipment twice in a month have done more than £50,000 worth of damage.

Fire crews from Oldham station were called to Peanut Park in Wedhurst Street, Greenacres on Sunday night after yobs set a plastic slide and a climbing platform on fire.

Councillor Jean Stretton said: “It’s really sad to see the damage caused over the last few weeks. We estimate the cost at more than £50,000. Vandalism like this costs every resident.

The park, between Greenacres and Clarksfield, opened as a play area in September 2005 after a £60,000 Lottery grant.


£50,000 for a bit of plastic? just don't take it from us Saddleworthians we pay enough tax to Oldham Council.

Saddleworth's Finest, you really have a bee in your bonnet about paying the majority of council tax in OLDHAM dont you? Do me and other council tax payers of OLDHAM a favour, GO AND ROUND SOME SHEEP UP because thats all you lot up in saddleworth are fit for,oh and moaning about how hard done to you are by OLDHAM council.

I pay tax, I remember you making these types of comments before. I see you havent changed from bring a snob. Take a look in the mirror and you will find vandals even in Saddleworthless.

Born in Oldham, grew up on Crete St Estate, but now live in Saddleworth ...... but I don't harp on about it. And correct you are Fitton Hill .... walk round Saddleworth School any school day and look at the litter and graffiti up there. But all will be good when they build the new school on the old pallet works. Hope Saddleworth's Finest's house doesn't overlook that, like it does the rest of our pitiful town, otherwise the rose-tinted windows in the house will have to go !!


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