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Muslim graves attacked

Reporter: Robbie Gill
Date online: 19 August 2014

VANDALS have desecrated Muslim graves in Chadderton Cemetery.

Police were called by the distraught relative of a woman buried within the Muslim section of the cemetery in Middleton Road, and found 10 damaged graves. Only graves in the Muslim section had been targeted.

Sgt Jon Martin said: “Given that only the Muslim section was targeted, it has to be treated as racially motivated. That makes it even more sickening.

“This isn’t just wanton racism but the deliberate, cruel act of desecrating the memory of Muslims buried at the cemetery.”

Wooden grave markers and headstones were uprooted from four adjoining graves, one of which had a brass plaque ripped from the headstone. Flowers on other graves were trampled and the flowers scattered, while flowers on four other graves were kicked over.

Sgt Martin said: “The distress this has caused to the families who have loved ones buried here is immeasurable.”

The attack occurred between 8.30pm on Friday and 7.30pm on Saturday. Call police on 0161- 856 68814 or 0161-856 8915 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111, with information


Absolutely sickening. Along with the recent desecration of Jewish graves in Manchester. Goes to show what a sad, sad society we live in

None of the photos I've seen show any damage which couldn't have been caused by the winds, and we did have some very strong winds this weekend.

Time CCTV were put in. No need of attacking graveyard.

its disgraceful what has happened people should let the dead rest in peace i hope whoever did this gets done for this horrible act

When you've finally reached the point in your life of desecrating graves, the depths of depravity are pretty much exhausted.

I totally agree that it is awful that people damage any graves. However the Chronicle has often reported vandalism on graves in the past, yet I can never remember them mentioning the religion of those graves when damaged - why this time ?

Also, can anyone from the Council explain why these graves were allowed wooden markers and brass plaques on them ? When I bought a grave I was told these weren't allowed as they didn't comply with Council regulations.

Yes I agree with equality - but for al1.

Shaun desecrating graves is despicable as you say.
There wasn't so much anger when animal rights protestors did the same thing and worse years ago.
We need to have a consistent message against this kind of behaviour. It is always wrong to behave this way.

@Flake - How can you even have the cheek to suggest this was caused by wind? Must be a very strange wind that can remove a brass plaque and knock over headstones in one specific area of a graveyard and nowhere else.

Flake, are you being deliberately stupid? Did you not read the report fully?

I could say the same to the two of you Bramble & Shaun, did you not read my post fully?
I've seen no photos (and there have been a few on other sites) which show any damage which couldn't have been caused by the wind.
Other reports talk of wooden grave markers, this is the only one which mentions headstones, and there are no photos of headstones.
It's not a strange wind at all, they often have specific areas of damage read up on it !

@ Flake - when reading an article titled "Muslim graves attacked" I think Shaun and I are correct in assuming no one would be crass enough to suggest it was the wind. I suggest you read the full article and then explain to me what type of wind leaves footprints and tramples on flowers? Don't know why I am surprised by your nonsensical postings

Sorry Bramble but yet again you are reading what you want to be there into the story. Where are 'footprints' mentioned? I have seen a lot of photographs of this damage I suspect you haven't, and are absolutely desperate for it to be some phobic attack.
My fence panel blew out in the wind. I'm now going to inform the Police that it was a racist attack because no other ones were affected and I am white. I don't know how anyone could be so crass as to deny the 'fact' !

Oh dear Flake. Try reading other local newspapers, other websites and social media and you will see the full evidence to show this was obviously work of people and not the wind. The fact the police are commenting on the story suggests it wasn't the wind. Typical of you to look for something that isn't there so you can make a ridiculous comment. Once again showing that you are crass and rather pathetic

These articles make me so mad!! The idiots who carried out this destruction should be found and punished! What sad times we live in when even the dead aren't allowed to rest in peace.


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