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Pride in our alley

Date online: 19 August 2014

Neighbours have proved community spirit is alive and well in Failsworth by transforming their alleyway from drab to dazzling.

Dalton Street and Mather Street householders were sick of the rundown area behind their homes - and got stuck in to create a safe haven with the help of the council’s Failsworth and Hollinwood district team. The area is now known as Malton Gardens — an amalgamation of the two street names.

Sonia Chapman (70) sparked the transformation by asking the district team to help improve the area.

Other neighbours then joined the call and the group held events to raise the money for raised flower beds, fruit and veg pots, art works and play equipment.

District team member Penny Kenworthy said: “We supported residents, but they have done all the work themselves without extra funding.

“As well as making the alley look nicer, neighbours who had never spoken to each other before have become friends.”

Cheryl Brock, of Dalton Street, said: “This has brought everyone together. There are people who have lived on the street for more than 20 years who had never spoken to each other. Now we pop round to each other’s houses and organise social events an look out for elderly residents.

“It hasn’t been easy but we made it - and now we want to inspire people nearby to do what we have done.”


Looking at the before shot, it's still a damn sight better than some I've seen.

We need more people like this in our town, Oldham is a dump but it can change with good positive attitude such as this, if everyone did this the rest of the town could be as nice as Saddleworth.

well done everyone .... credit to the area. As for you Saddleworth's Finest Moaner, how about knocking the constant moaning about Oldham eh ? You're beginning to sound like a broken record ..... you whine about Oldham but YOU STILL READ THE CHRON !! doesn't your Rolls need a good cleaning yet ?


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