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Pub handed Sky-high 6,125 fine

Date published: 21 August 2014

THE landlady of an Oldham pub has been fined £6,125 for showing Sky Sports football without permission.

The the Weavers Answer in Milnrow Road was twice caught showing games it didn’t have an agreement to broadcast.

Landlady Carrie Boyce was found guilty in her absence at Oldham Magistrates Court yesterday.

Not only did Ms Boyce not pay for a licence to broadcast the games, but even advertised the games outside the pub. The pub had been caught in similar offences in the past - and Boyce had been given a presentation on how to legally broadcast games, following a previous offence


Trying to pull a fast one has given this lady a king sized financial headache BUT in this land of opaque justice where are the huge fines for the likes of the itinerants who recently wrecked the Oldham Edge open land? Where are the huge fines for the criminals who wreck the lives of ordinary people through their actions and where is the justice that enables benefits dodgers to continue in their easy come, easy go ways??? Yes, the landlady was wrong BUT she was an easy target. Will it change???

Ridiculous and outrageous that a private company can criminalise someone over the use of its products, and that the fine is so high.
Even if you take the view that they stole the product (which is difficult seeing as they did actually pay), the fine is wholly disproportionate. Compare this with a fine for any other offence and you'd be hard pressed to find a fine so high.
This should surely be a civil offence involving a breach of contract which Sky pay the costs for, and not us.

@Flake - why shouldn't Sky be allowed to criminalise someone who has basically stolen from them? She had been warned several times but still chose to go without a licence. Theft is theft

I dont think it is ridiculous .
She stole a product and made money of the back of stealing . If she would have paid for it fair and square she wouldnt have been fined .
She had done it before and been warned and shown the correct procedure but she thought she was above that and did it again. Fair fine if you ask me .


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