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Schools turn the tables

Reporter: Lucy Kenderdine
Date online: 22 August 2014

CONFUSION reigned in Oldham over GCSE results yesterday as some schools released results out of line with new government guidelines.

Schools have been told re-sit results will not count towards this year’s official statistics in this first year of the Government’s “first results count” system. The system aims to ensure that pupils take exams at the end of their course, reducing opportunities for re-sits.

But in Oldham some schools have reported their best results, which include re-sit grades, while others have reported results without re-sits, confusing the overall picture.

North Chadderton recorded the best Oldham non-grammar-school results - without re-sit figures - across Oldham with 75 per cent of pupils achieving five A*-C grades, including English and Maths.

Headteacher Joy Clark said: “We are delighted with our results this year.”

Oasis Academy Oldham reported that 39 per cent of pupils gained five A*-C grades including English and Maths - but the figure dropped to only 36 per cent when re-sit grades were removed, leaving the school four points below the Government’s expected minimum and the worst of Oldham’s schools.

Principal David Hayes said: “To be in this situation does not feel good. Unfortunately our results and our students grades are in line with a national picture of volatility at GCSE. This is a provisional result and we expect the figure to look different after papers have been remarked.”

He added that the school, which moved from “inadequate” to “requiring improvement” at its last Ofsted inspection this year, could receive a visit from inspectors again following the results.

“As a school we will continue to move forward. We expect the figure to be higher next year,” he affirmed

Radclyffe School head teacher Hardial Hayer said the results achieved by his pupils are more important than league tables.

“These are the results which matter to the pupils,” he said. “The results that will stay with them for life and which count when applying to college and university. It’s not about what measurers schools use. Our success is about improving pupils’ life chances.”


all three academies at the bottom of oldham school league tables for GCSE pass rate for the 4th year running! Oasis academy with a 13% decrease and Oldham academy north with a 2% decrease than its first year of operation! These academies are a disaster how can anyone justify principals of these academies on wages of over £100,000 per year? waste of taxpayers money


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