Russians blamed for holiday hell

Date published: 26 August 2014

TERRIFIED Chadderton family members were forced to book an emergency flight home only 24 hours into their holiday after being spat on, pushed and abused by Russian tourists.

Grace Simpson and Jameel Bismal took their six-year-old daughter Amber to Salou, Spain on July 19 after saving up for months.

But they had to flee on the first available flight home because after only a day in the resort Grace had been spat on and little Amber pushed by Russian holiday makers also staying at the Golden Donaire hotel. Nazi salutes were also directed at the horrified family.

Mr Bismal is of Pakistani heritage and feels he was victimised, both for both his ethnicity and that his family is British.

“As soon as we set foot in the hotel we didn’t feel safe. It was absolutely horrible, we were trapped there.

“We were the only British family there and they definitely targeted us. My daughter was pushed into a lift and shoved in the queue for food. I felt like there was nothing I could do but get my family out of there.

Mrs Simpson said: “It was terrifying. They were making Nazi salutes at us. Amber was so upset. She was looking forward to the holiday for months and didn’t really understand why we went home after a day.”

The couple is now complaining that Thomson failed to tell them they were travelling to a predominanly Russian area and that the hotel’s Thomson representative didn’t help them - even though they were clearly distressed.

Mr Simpson said: “We want to be reimbursed. We actually ended up spending more money than we wanted to on this holiday because we were advised to go there by Thomson. We are really disappointed, I would have expected a company as big as Thomson to do the right thing”.

A Thomson spokesperson said: “Thomson is sorry to hear about Miss Simpson and Mr Bismal’s experience. The holiday advisor did everything he could to assist.

“A change of hotel was offered but they chose to return to the UK and left before the holiday advisor could make alternative flight arrangements. The wellbeing of our customers is our number one priority at all times. This hotel remains a popular choice; 87 per cent of customers at the hotel rate their holiday as good or excellent.”