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Safety call after bus death horror

Date online: 26 August 2014

THE family of a pensioner who died after being thrown from her seat on a bus has backed a coroner’s call for safety changes on public transport.

Muriel Naylor (79), of Failsworth, was going home from Oldham town centre in November 2011 when the bus was forced to brake sharply. The grandmother was sent flying out of her seat and across a wheelchair space, landing head-first in a barrier. She was taken to the Royal Oldham Hospital but died later that day.

An inquest in January found she died from injuries that could have been prevented. The investigation concluded the double-deck bus presented a risk due to a lack of safety barriers and seat belts in the priority seating zone.

Oldham coroner Simon Nelson’s report has now called for legislation to reduce risks for bus passengers. The report has been sent to the Department of Transport.

Mrs Naylor’s son David (50) said “We welcome the coroner’s findings highlighting the significant safety issues for elderly passengers. We hope this report is taken seriously and changes are made.

“Nothing can bring my mother back but we hope no-one else will have to suffer the sadness of bereavement due to unsafe public transport.”

The driver of the bus had to slam on his brakes near Oldham Magistrates’ Court after a car pulled in front of him.


This tragedy may have been prevented if the Bus service ( First ) followed up previous incidents, where passengers are flung off the seats as a result of harsh/sudden braking. My heart goes out to the family who have suffered, let's hope the coroner can get the bus services to incorporate seat belts/supports to people who may be at risk of sliding off.

My mother was involved in a similar incident outside TJ Hughes, she was flung across the bus and her head collided with the metal pole causing a large,lacerated wound with heavy swelling.

what happened to the car driver that pulled in front of the bus?, it was he/she that caused the problem not the bus or the bus driver as always nothing seems to be done to those that cause an accident

So sorry about the lady,I am using the buses again after a twenty year period without them,what a surprise I got on my first Journey it was more like being on a trawler,and that was seated, getting off is even more risky.I appreciate the buses have air breaks that are very keen but surely the drivers are aware of this and should allow for it,I know bus drivers that have only driven cars,or vans and yet after a short training period are driving a nine ton bus thats where the problem arrises.Davos

It's not the bus drivers fault, he seems to have avioded a crash maybe buses should be fitted with seat belts. They cost enough to go on, £4.65 from Waterloo to Pelham Street for me and my 8 year old. Its about 2 miles if that.

I have never been on a bus since around 1996, i would have thought they would be fitted with seat belts by now. i used to drive trucks & you had to wear seat belts in those whats the difference.

I have had many drivers who cut in front of me in the past while driving buses, and although am sorry for this lady and her family,it stll happens today as people deliberatly cause road rage or to force drivers to stop while their friend/partner boards the bus.But have found driving standards of pcvs have dropped in the last 6 years or so,no matter where you are in Manchester.Buses are built to a standard set by depatment of transport,but modern buses have less seating due to disability act.

the whole running of buses, the services and its infrastructure needs a massive overhaul.

Bus services are run on First Buses terms and not the needs of commuters.

Driving standards seem to have been slipping over the past few years.

and the general setup of bus lanes, bus stop positioning and layout of bus stop layby's are badly designed and built. in a lot of cases they are a danger to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

This is meant to be public transport in the year 2014!


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