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Woman, 71, jailed for 110,000 fraud

Date published: 27 August 2014

A MOSSLEY pensioner has been jailed for nine months after defrauding her employer out of almost £110,000.

Irene White of Regent Drive pleaded guilty to fraud at an earlier hearing and was sentenced yesterday at Manchester Crown Court.

White (71) was finance manager at Macpac Ltd, Stockport, where she had worked since 1989. Last October a supplier claimed a £4,000 invoice hadn’t been paid - though a record check at Manpac showed it had. White claimed she had made a mistake, but when questioned admitted she had borrowed the money to help a friend. She was suspended during an investigation.

Further inquiries showed £62,470.58 had been transferred across 49 transactions to White’s personal bank account between 2009 and 2013, disguised in various ways. White also admitted writing cheques in the company name to herself, as well as creating fraudulent invoices.


People talk about the youth of today, take at good look at the old too. Out in less than 4 months, now she will have to sell her house/assets to pay back the money......surely.

Another ridiculous use of scarce prison resources for someone who clearly does not represent a threat to society in any way.
In terms of repaying the money, thanks to the greedy weasels another court hearing will be required for that, but it could so easily have been dealt with in one hearing.
As a result of her being imprisoned, someone who is truly dangerous might not be and there is the possibility that someone might lose their life as a result.
What price a life?

Age is irrelevant. Are you saying she should be let off because she is 71! Utter rubbish. She has stolen over £100k and should be treated no differently.

No I'm not saying she should be 'let off' it appears though that there are many ignorant people who believe the only punishment that the courts have at their disposal is prison!


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