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Government pulls plug on youth jobs scheme cash

Date published: 27 August 2014

OLDHAM council leaders have blasted the Government for withdrawing money to help young people find a job.

The decision to end a commitment to fund the Oldham Council Traineeship Programme Scheme this month - six months early - was a blow to the council’s “Get Oldham Working” campaign to create 2,015 employment opportunities by 2015.

Last night the council’s cabinet pledged to plug the shortfall by committing £182,000 into the work-placement initiative.

Councillor Shoab Akhtar, Oldham Council’s Cabinet member for employment and enterprise, said: “We have been let down by this coalition government. Once again we have been left to pick up the pieces.”

The new money will provide placements for up to 80 young people for six months and comes out of the dividend the council receives from its stake in Manchester Airport.

Councillor Akhtar added: “This extra funding will mean we can continue the paid-trainee programme and help more people to increase their skills. Using the airport payout shows that the council is investing its money wisely.”

The cabinet also pledged £50,000 of its airport dividend to a new scheme to help warehouse workers gain higher-paid employment as drivers, and £200,000 to repaint road markings across the borough.

The council received over £1,4 million from its airport stake this year


Coldhurst has 68% St Mary's 65% & Werneth 59% more children than the England average, socialists have done nothing to improve the job market in Oldham which has 10,709 less workplace based jobs than in 2004 yet blame others for refusing to fund their failures."The cabinet also pledged £50,000 of its airport dividend to a new scheme to help warehouse workers gain higher-paid employment as drivers" which flies in the face of Oldham Councils support to turn Foxdenton into a sprawling warehouse park

If this is an Oldham council project why are they expecting the government to fund it?

I think you'll find that a lot of people have been "let down by the coalition government", not least those suffering the calculated cruelty of benefit sanctions. Given the shameful conduct of the last four years, nothing should surprise us any more.

Oldham council have only themselves to blame.

they keep ignoring government guidance and rules which are set out to make the countries councils tackle their in-house wastage.

so by doing so they are being punished with cuts to other funding.

Just so readers are aware. The Traineeship programme is for young people to work unpaid for a period of time. The jobs aren't necessarily skilled ones and there is no obvious progression route at the end of it. I'm surprised Oldham Council even supports a programme that is just a blatant attempt to massage NEET figures.

It really is a bit rich though for a Labour council to blame a Tory government for sorting out the mess the previous Labour government left behind !

I would have found some detail on the existing scheme useful. What are (have been) the total costs, and how many young people secured and retained longterm employment. If the target is 2015 by 2015 (another gimmick?), I would have thought some interim figures and costings could have been supplied. Some breakdown of the types of jobs would also have been useful. Given the dire state of the economy I would question the need for Event Coordinators, let alone trainees.


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