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Amazing face!

Date published: 28 August 2014

THANK you very much... Royton rocker Chris Connor has topped a global poll to find the world’s best Elvis impersonator.

Chris (35) received his award — voted by Elvis Presley fans across the world — in Memphis, Tennessee, after meeting Elvis’s best friend, Joe Esposito - the man who discovered “The King’s” body on August 16, 1977.

Joe told Chris, of Sandringham Way, “You have touched my heart; you are amazing. And you look just like Elvis.”

Chris was in Memphis to perform in the annual Elvis Week, held to mark the anniversary of Presley’s death.

Only six years ago, life-long Elvis fan Chris was a construction worker who occasionally sang an Elvis track at karaoke sessions. Then he realised he might have what it takes to impersonate Elvis full time.

Shortly after starting, Chris won a dream holiday to Memphis after beating 29 other hopefuls in an “Images of the King” contest - in Wales.

Regular performances around the country built Chris’s reputation as one of the most highly-regarded Elvis impersonators around.

And two years ago, Chris was invited to Memphis to perform in a massive concert to mark the 35th anniversary of Elvis’s death.


Ginger Alden discovered Elvis's body not Joe and voting for chris wasnt as wide spread as you think

Elvis is dead! oh no. Don't say that.


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