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Help us to save 60m says council

Date published: 29 August 2014

OLDHAMERS are being encouraged to have their say in the council’s need to save £60 million over two years - on top of the £140 million already saved in the past five.

The council hopes to provide more services in partnerships with other organisations. Householders will also be encouraged to do more for themselves. Some services will be reduced and in some cases stopped completelu. The council is working on several ways to make savings across social care, early years, youth services and public health.

Email healthandwellbeing@oldham.gov.uk for more information.


They could start by carrying out a root and branch survey at the civic centre. Any one in a non-job could be moved on and the wages saved used to pay the real council workers.

Yes savings are being made across Social care. Long term front line staff are again being forced to take wage cuts whilst trying to hold together poorly managed re organised services.

typical labour overspend and someone else pay later, foxdenton for example 100 mill there is enough empty industrial units in oldham already. cinema we had a good one the roxy. they was very quick to knock it down replace it with plant pots. 36 mill for the new cinema very expensive plant pots if you ask me. new sports centre 15 mill i think we allready have one. it's must be great when we're spending someone else's money and not be held accountable.

Get rid of two councillors per ward, we do not need them they are a waste of money. Also we do not need a council leader and a chief executive get rid of one of them.

I wonder how much the council is spending on non productive services like 'equality & diversity' and 'cohesion' projects?
Cut these and I doubt we'll ever notice !

Simple , reduce the salaries of the top earners by 10% , reduce the amount of expenses councillors and council staff can claim can and limit employee pension contributions to a maximum of £25k.


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