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Electric shock kills worker

Reporter: Gillian Potts
Date online: 03 September 2014

An engineer has died after receiving a fatal electric shock while working at a Royton school.

Father-of-two Jason Haslem (24) was working on a cooker at Fir Bank Primary School last Thursday when he suffered a massive shock.

Paramedics tried to revive the Preston-dwelling gas engineer, who never regained consciousness. The incident is now being investigated by police and the Health and Safety Executive.

Fir Bank head Hazel MacKay said: “Our thoughts are with this man’s family; we offer our deepest condolences.

Greater Manchester Police said: “At this stage, it would appear to be a tragic accident.”

Mr Haslem worked for Acme Facilities Group of Blackburn, which installs and maintains commercial catering equipment.

In a statement bosses said, “Our thoughts and profound condolences are with Jason’s wife and family.

“It is very important that the circumstances surrounding the incident are thoroughly investigated and we will of course continue to provide all necessary assistance to the authorities.”

Mr Haslem married his teenage sweetheart Jessica only 18 months ago and the couple have two young sons, George and Toby. Shortly aftr the tragedy Mrs Haslem (25) said: “I want to thank everyone, from the bottom of my very empty-feeling heart, for all of your kindness and thoughts. Jason is a very lucky man to be loved by so many.”

Fir Bank opened for the new school year yesterday as scheduled.


very sad story.

What an absolute tragedy. A young man in the prime of his life.I have taught electrical apprentices on site and in college of the dangers of electricution.I had a saying "test before you touch" where live circuits are present in an area.Switching off the wrong isolating switch is always a danger.So sorry RIP.


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