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Grave concerns

Date published: 05 September 2014

AN upsetting crawl by a grieving woman through overgrown bushes to reach a family grave has led to a new campaign to clean up neglected Greenacres cemetery.

The woman complained to former Liberal Democrat councillors Linda Dawson and Stephen Barrow, who have launched the drive to improve the cemetery, whose gatehouse has suffered serious neglect and where hedges have grown so wild they obscure several rows of graves.

Mr Barrow said: “The hedges are so overgrown you get the impression there are no gravestones there.

While Mr Barrow recognises that the current Labour council faces budget pressures, he believes community fundamentals are being overlooked for projects more likely to create a “big bang”.

The former councillors complained to Oldham Council chief executive Carolyn Wilkins, who passed their concerns on to officers.

A council spokesman said: “The issues are being looked into. Steps will be taken to ensure appropriate maintenance in the coming weeks to improve access to the graves.”


Those hedges haven't appeared overnight, perhaps if the graves were visited or visited earlier they would not have got as bad as they are now. I would even trim them back myself.

My family have just this afternoon been saying how lovely the flower displays are in Oldham but surely some of our Coucil Tax could go on maintaining our cemeteries. Greenacres is very old and most of us have family buried there.

its deplorable this has been allowed to happen. with the prices charged for funerals its hard to imagine there being no funds to employ a group of gardeners. must be a good few on jobseekers ,find them give them a job and get it sorted.this is as disrespectful as is possible to all the loved ones interred there. i myself have family there and would give time to help. why not appeal for volunteers a weekend would make a huge difference.

Also, why at the crematorium remembrance garden are people allowed to walk onto the grass areas where where loved ones' ashes have been scattered in order to lay flowers ? There are set areas for such floral tributes but the Council are actually encouraging people to walk on the grass areas by not moving those flowers to the appropriate places.

And why are people being allowed to put full length surrounds on graves? When I bought a grave I was told these were not allowed to help maintanence.

It's called cut backs! Excuse the pun. I was talking to cemetery staff at my local cemetery not long ago and they confirmed that there are no gardeners tending the cemeteries any more it's just down to them to maintain all the land as well as doing the burials. These cuts have affected all services and it's time we all accepted them as no doubt it will get worse over the next few years as more cuts loom. Suppose they could put up council tax and employ more staff? Now that would go down well.

It is not easy when you are in your 80's to cut back privets and cut grass in a cemetery, thought this what we paid our council tax for not hotels and cinemas - these people have not respect


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